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On the subject of Tracing

There seems to be another big hub bub about tracing and there is a bit of craziness on misinformation.

Tracing is actually an acceptable practice in the industry - HOWEVER, it depends on the circumstance and source material. If anyone remembers those great movie posters in the 80's and 90's by Drew Struzan he uses tracing to get them done. HOWEVER, the tracing was done through photos by the studios and was authorized to do so.

Tracing is a valid way of doing work and learning. If you use your own photos or get stock you're legally able to use and public domain, there is no problem. It's a shortcut to meet deadlines in the industry, but those people can still draw.

Keep in mind, I personally don't care much if a person has photos they are legally able to use (Not someone just getting something off a porn site or google) if they convert the work into something their vision, but I may comment on the quality of the result. If it looks too much like a photo reference the artist fails at what the point of photo reference is versus the legality of it.

I also feel that photographers should be respected for their craft if you have to reference it. If it's not yours and can commit copyright violation by using it, with the lighting and all then you probably shouldn't. It is ok to look at multiple photos for reference so you can work something of your own.

Just tired of the blanket statements from both parties of "tracing is ok!" "tracing is bad'

It completely depends on the circumstance and your use of materials.

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