some years later by pandapaco (critique requested)

some years later (critique requested)


27 January 2013 at 14:08:10 MST

Commission for PPC91, from Inkbunny

They are my characters, Art the raccoon and Biro de fox. I've drawn them a lot but I hadn't shared in the galleries any about them from some time ago. In this picture you are looking in the future, they are bit grown, Art is 17 and Biro 15. You can see that they still having that child look in their eyes, more because they hadn't seen them in a while. Art had been on artistic tour and Biro was waiting for him.

They have much to talk about, their adventures, new persons that they've met, the school, the vacations, all the afternoons they have looked thinking in their best friends, thinking that the life was welcome him and one day they had to met again.

Art and Biro, they are my favorite characters ever n__n I love them.


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    Rad, but I think their eyes should meet