Big City PG8: Poke'Quarrel by Pandactyle

Big City PG8: Poke'Quarrel


20 December 2015 at 12:56:50 MST

Oh blah. Shoulda known those two would get into it at some point....right?

Page 83:



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    The star eyes XD Not sure why Demeter is upset though, the wooper wasn't saying she was ugly, just thought she might like some pretty things to wear XD

    And rat that was a bit harsh XD Cute that he's still wearing his rock necklace :)

    Actually didn't pick up that these two would get into it at some point but I'm a bit dense like that. And I (or one of my trainer characters) would have picked both up by the head and told them to settle XD

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      I think she didn't know how to take it. xD Hence, the question mark? Hahaha...

      I figured at some point it would make sense for a sassy butt and the troublemaker to kinda hit heads a bit.

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        Is the wooper a girl? I can't remember. I had to read this page out to my 6yo, he saw it and was all "POKEMON! Can you read it to me?" and enjoyed it :P

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          Wooper is the sassy one. :D

          AWWW!! That's adorable! Hehe. I hope I don't make it too confusing for him!

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            I'd have to direct my two older kids to read it from the beginning (they can at least read it to themselves XD The younger one tends to take things literally and I don't think cares if he understands it or not because POKEMON ;)

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              They might at least understand it a lil bit if they read from the beginning ^^;;; It is kinda confusing sometimes!