Big City PG7: The City by Pandactyle

Big City PG7: The City


16 December 2015 at 12:40:43 MST


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    Everyone else is admiring the scenery and the rat is so happy to be out it doesn't care where it is XD

    Does make me wonder how much space my OTs' pokemon would take up XD (they generally only use pokeballs for transporting injured pokemon or if they absolutely have to carry them somewher eto conserve space e.g. on a ship or inside a large shop where waiting outside may not be the best idea especially if one has the attention span of a gnat).

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      He loves to be able to do what he wants and cause trouble wherever he goes!! Haha!

      I hope for the pokemons sake they have many people around with good attention spans!

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        My main girl trainer's Flareon has the attention span of a gnat XD

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          Waahhh! Oh noooeeess.. xD