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I'm a strange little bird who pecks out words and stories! As of late,I've started undertaking a grand adventurous art odyssey taking great efforts and making great strides at improving my ability to draw. I decided to setup shop here as a place to focus on my creative works for anyone who might be curious, want to follow along or poke a bird for possible creations.

I do a bunch of writing and dabble at a variety of characters and their stories among friends and good company. I also enjoy lots of art and love working with artists to help render characters and fun scenes and things.

I'm around here and there making the occasional ruckus and perusing the weird wilds of the internet. Feel free to drop me a message--I'm a friendly bird!

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Hi hi hi!

So very much has developed since November of 2015 and this little art odyssey has proven to be a wonderful adventure full of fun, education and some very satisfying strides of progress! I am now at a point where I am feeling much more comfortable and confident about the consistency and level of my drawing capability--and as such, am preparing to put together a more official structured / standard commission setup for what sorts of character works and drawings I can offer for folks.

Over the next few days or so, I'm going to be sorting out some of the particulars from a technical side (e.g. put together a rate sheet with examples of inks, flat colors, shading, establish rates, assemble a terms of service and so forth.) After that, I believe that I will be fired up and ready to take on a couple of commission slots and go from there.

It has been some seven months or so since I initially looked into doing this (how time flies!) and in the meantime I have completed a number of commissions along the way--while also getting much, much faster and more adept at my drawing in general. I'm pretty darn proud of the results!

So, with all that in mind, I wanted to write this as a general heads-up for that process, in case any of you might be of a mind that you'd like to commission a drawing from this bird--and also to solicit notions folks might have as to what things they might like to see available and what they might be interested in!

At this time, my current estimation is a ballpark of roughly $15 - $20 for inked line art, $25 - $35 for flat colors and between $40 - $70 for a fully shaded / lighted piece featuring a single character, depending on complexity for each. I am generally comfortable with putting together a rough sketch to present before beginning a piece and making a round or two of adjustments before beginning. These prices may change after getting more of a feel for standard work, but that's my initial trajectory at least.

For now, I will be open to accepting payment through Square Cash ($oneflymagpie/ if you're unfamiliar ) which I can personally attest to more than two hundred transactions without headaches or incident and a growing number of artists are working through it as well; I'm a big fan of the service! I do not currently utilize PayPal, nor accept checks.

My intention is to be a bit flexible depending on the subject, extra elements such as particularly elaborate characters, backgrounds, multiple characters etc. would be subject to making adjustments to that ballpark, of course. With any piece, I will do my best to provide an accurate estimate after discussing the particulars--if something seems liable to go over that initial estimate (discovered during the sketch stage, likely) I'll revisit it and try to work out an amenable approach to the rest.

I'd like to take a moment to once again thank everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging of me throughout this journey--it has really meant quite a bit to me on many levels and I greatly appreciate it! I am excited to see what lies ahead and how far I can take this progress to come!

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