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Hi there! I'm magpie, a digital artist and writer who enjoys character design, tales and tails among other things. I've been on a winding journey of working at improving my art over the years with the help and support of some wonderful friends and viewers like you!

In my gallery you'll find a mix of my own art and some of the pieces I've commissioned from other artists and occasionally I'll stick silly sketches and doodles into my scraps. I hope you enjoy what I've done and look forward to sharing more as I continue to waggle my stylus about!

I'm around here and there making the occasional ruckus and perusing the weird wilds of the internet.

Latest Journal

2023 Art Shenanigans, Social Media

Hi hi friends (and foes? gosh, I hope not!) I am finally starting to catch up with my uploads and get more publicly active with art again -- I've done quite a bit of drawing in the interim into the new year. Now I'd like to share it more and dive into seeing about all sorts of content, lurid and otherwise in 2023!

One big shakeup is that I've kicked off a new Twitter handle for broader posting of my creative works -- from fantasy art and adventurous story panels to more adult content (i.e. kinky smut, naturally.) If you'd like to catch and follow me at

I'd love to have you along for the ride and look forward to carrying on throughout the year!

Is there a character or characters you'd like to see more of? Particular mischief or adventures? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Much love to all of you, from those new to checking out my work to those who have been following my growth and improvement over the years, I really appreciate it!

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