Gavin's Biggest Secret by OddOly

Gavin's Biggest Secret


18 July 2014 at 20:57:12 MDT

Gavin's biggest secret - now on the Internet! :D

You know you'll never live this one down, Gavin... You poor thing, trying to gain street cred in the slums of Manchester sometime in the 80s...

Also this is the first picture of Chauncey grinning in comics pretty much since the first page of Cop Story.

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    Ahah now we know Gavin. Now we know.. xD

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      Once on the Internet, always on the Internet. My characters should dislike me just for making their most embarrassing moments public. :D

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        Ahah x'D
        Well my characters totally hate me, since I even kill them lol

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          Aw. Some say I'm cruel to my characters but killing them is one thing I can't do (unless I decide a character will die from the start - I mean it's impossible to write a crime drama without anyone dying). I used to think it made me a bad writer, "kill your darlings" and everything - but honestly this life is too short to let other people decide how you should write something you're not writing for money.

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            I totally agree on that!
            I am working on my story about my cowboys, but since one of the character's habits, and the period, it wouldn't be realistic if he doesn't die lol and he is my favourite character. Damn.

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              Weeell, you never know, I mean there are lots of cases when people were told to have short life expectancy and they ended up outliving a lot of people who jogged every day and ate lots of veggies so really do whatever the story calls for! :] I mean I don't know the details but it often depends!

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                Well the story is set in 1865/66 and my cowboy has an addiction to sex, so he gosh with everyone. Imagine all the deseases lol

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                  Well, at least AIDS originated in Africa about half a century later than that but I bet they still had quite a lot of STDs to choose from... D: