Pool Party - PUPPY!! by OddOly

Pool Party - PUPPY!!


2 August 2014 at 20:33:45 MDT

It's time for ocpartytime and Cop Story folks are going to a pool party! Hopefully I'll draw more pictures like these before summer is over. (But before that I'll work on some comics so... yeah.)

Obviously they can never pass up a chance to play with a puppy - in this case it's Bugsy who belongs to Roddy (not pictured ...yet?) and they both belong to Sephiramy! As usual, everyone behaving atrociously is mine. Left to right, top to bottom-

Mikey and his sister Michelle - well, if Donny is around it's really likely Mikey is around too. And he and his sister are already looking forward to getting a dog. Or two. Or make it three. All that's left is the small matter of informing their mother - hey, maybe they should surprise her? :D
Donny and Danny are not prepared to share the puppy. If anyone besides me is trying to count the times the siblings try to make each other's lives worse, as of now Danny is in the lead. QUICK DONNY THINK OF SOMETHING
Teague bashing his classmates, the universe and everything as usual. The classmates are not pictured but I'll try to draw at least a couple of them at the party before it's over. Who knows, maybe I'll get an achievement award too...
Wayland Barker and his mother (who just happens to be the right hand woman of an elusive mafia boss Mr. Reilly) - Mrs. barker is really not the kind of mother who goes out of her way to keep her kids happy, so I guess she's here for some mysterious business reasons (don't tell the cops). Wayland just wants to have fun though. :c Mrs. Barker, THERE IS NO PERSON ALIVE THAT IS TOO OLD TO PET A DOG!

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Cop Story © Oly R.
Bugsy belongs to Sephiramy

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