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Other Olympics


7 March 2014 at 22:21:52 MST

Occasionally the cops get pissed and start talking gibberish. Occasionally that gibberish makes a surprising amount of sense.

Paralympics: 3 minute long mention around the end of news

Talk about equality, eh?

Llane Moore, Gavin McDonald and Ed "Chance" Chauncey - best friends, worst pub quiz team!

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    That's so true! And the Sochi Olympics were more popular about how Putin fucked up the country and made fun of gays. That's not even about humans trying to do their best and outdo yourself. It's just about commercials. That would be interresting to see handicapped people in other shows than "Look at this singer, while promoting his cd, he's patting this guy in a wheelchair, so please give money to guys in wheelchairs, and buy my album"
    In France, we have this thing called "les restaurant du coeur" that's supposed to be help for homeless people. A guy (who died 10 years ago) invented it to help. The principle was good, but now the guy's dead, the money been misapropriate, and to promote the help to homeless people,t hey sell... music. Of course, more than half of the money don't go to the homeless. When I give to them, I give them FOOD. So they can STEAL IT.

    Anyway NICE PICTURE. I really love how you work in traditional, it's so clean!
    Dude, your prints must be beautiful. And I love the 3 characters, they're so unique.

    Also excuse for the lame english I just woke up aha

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      Yeah, it's good at least some charities exist but a lot about them is messed up. And yeah, Sochi is such a mess, I really wish they picked some other country to host it... And the ironic thing is that right now everyone is wrapping themselves in rainbow flags and talking but in a month or two most people will forget about Russian anti-gay laws and other crap happening. I'm not saying people should come to Russia and fix all our problems but everyone sounds so bloody concerned until they actually get a chance to do something.

      And thank you! :) Man, I never actually tried to sell prints of traditional art and generally printing traditional stuff is always slightly disappointing because it always looks slightly different from the initial picture. I fiddled in PS to make this picture very similar to what I see on paper but if I print it it won't look the same.

      And I love drawing these guys and writing their friendship! :D I can't wait till Gavin and Llane appear in the main comic (but it won't be very soon unfortunately).

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    Thanks for elevating the community here by giving us something to think about :)

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      Gosh, you're welcome! X)