Cop Story Sketches 15 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 15


15 March 2014 at 23:07:05 MDT

I realised I feel sad when I don't draw random Cop Story things and tried to find the time to do this again. Most of these were posted on tumblr before. And nearly all of them were prompted by memes so you can go leave some numbers in my askbox too. :D

Some random information about it all! Not a required reading, just in case you're curious.

Nutter, Chance and Butts never met when they were children - they are slightly different generations (Nutter being the oldest, Butts being the youngest) and lived in different parts of the UK.

Nutter grew up in Manchester (he still has the accent) and his childhood was not a happy one. Both his parents were there, well, sort of. His mother is still alive now. I dont know how much I should tell you but it will be mentioned in the next episode of Cop Story (which compared to most of stuff in Cop Story is actually pretty soon). You can try guessing, and its sadly mundane.

Chauncey was brought up by his father, a heavily drinking journalist, and grew up in London. Well, technically. Actually he was brought up by various relatives all over the country since his father was too busy working. They called him Ed (Edd) or Eddie - that's what his family calls him, and his friends call him Chance, and most other people call him Chauncey, so Edmund is reserved for people who have no clue about him but for some reason don't use his surname. Chance hates his full name and thinks its a name for posh people and characters from moralising novels for children. Ed also had a severe ADHD growing up and avoided special education only because he rarely was in one school for long and had an influential (and intimidating) father.

Again, I don't know how much I can tell you about Eds mother but lets say she went missing from the picture before he could form much of an opinion of her.

Butts was brought up by his grandmother in Newton and doesn't remember his parents (besides his grandmothers stories). She was a sort of omniscient authority figure for him and died around the time he joined the force. He misses her a lot but doesn't really talk about it so it wont come up in Cop Story for a while.

And if you think this amount of imperfect families is not realistic you are very lucky and probably should get out more.

But then I thought that I always draw adult Cop Story characters as kids and its cute and all but I've never drawn under-age characters as adults. And at the risk of spoilers I drew Russell not only at his current age but also as an adult.

He goes from a depressed angry teenager to a more or less happy police radio dispatcher who is still fond of baseball caps but doesn't feel the need to pull them over his face any more, stopped hating dark glasses because chicks dig shades, right?, likes to wear ugliest ties he can find, gets a kick out of telling jokes that instantly make everyone in the room feel awkward and is a regular guest on BBC Radio Four.

I want to draw Cop Story long enough to get to that but Russell just says "we'll see, right?"

Chance is really touchy when it comes to his disability but Jon isn't and Dale isn't really touchy at all.

Tyler is a part of a big picture with supposedly all his classmates in fancy dress except I started it around January and still can't finish it but it's already big enough to not give up on it so I'll finish it eventually.

Meanwhile DI John Leicester takes his son Houston for a walk only on special occasions or when Mrs Leicester absolutely cant do it. When he does, he goes practically undercover because he's afraid of other cops from his CID finding out that his son actually isn't a captain of a football team and doesn't benchpress fifty times every day. He loves his son, and he's generally a good dad, just not publicly.

Which doesn't really matter to Houston and if you ask him that stupid question of which parent is your favourite he will point to his father without hesitation (which is not really fair considering how much time his mother spends with him). Houston is very proud of his dad and no wonder - his dad is a cop and to Houston it means that when a gang of evil ninjas is about to karate-kick the Queen to death its his father who parachutes out of a helicopter to machine-gun the bastards!

DI Leicester, please, stop this nonsense, take your son to a Bring Your Kid To Work Day at last and explain to him that you tend to deal with more car thefts and less royal family assassination attempts.

And Fisher, Ghost Copper and an old sketch about foreign languages are more or less self-explanatory. :)

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    And if you think this amount of imperfect families is not realistic you are very lucky and probably should get out more.

    Hahaha, such truth. Also, Houston's imagination is delightful, even more with how you drew it. That alone gets a +fav from me. Fun to read all of this, really.

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      Seriously, I know I grew up in a weird place in a weird time but out of all the kids I knew very few were raised by both parents, and even those who did had some family issues. (Additionally, though it's not something related to these sketches, I hate the current online trend of calling any kind of imperfection on parent's part "child abuse" - yeah, nobody's perfect and often people make wrong decisions but there's that and then there's beating a kid with an empty whiskey bottle.)

      And yeah, Houston has a lot of imagination! :D He's a good kid - he has no sense of what's appropriate and what isn't and has been sheltered a lot by his parents but he's all right.

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        I had no idea that was a thing.. I stay in my little bubble online, outside of pure news and Weasyl. I do always get a laugh out of remembering people always being shocked at college whenever I had to talk to family on the phone. "How do you talk to your mom like that?!" "Uh... you don't hear the other end of things." These people were sheltered in the bad way, sheesh. Watched one too many sappy movies about family togetherness or some crap, hah.

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          I just get sucked into tumblr from time to time - I wouldn't go there at all but it is the only way to keep communications with some people I know and you can gather a lot of references for art and writing there and occasionally my art gets reblogged and more people see it. Other than that I don't like it. But yeah, it's kind of scary to interact with people who were brought up on sappy movies and never quite grew out of it, they explode at one wrong word.

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    Woah, everything in your comic/characters look so developped, that's great, that's nice to see that amount of work in a personnal project. And everything you make is original, I mean, you have your OWN THING, you don't try to make what's popular to get views, no, you put a lot of efforts in doing what you love, and that's the best, I think.
    'nyway, your traditional art is so pretty, kinda makes me want to try coloring that way again. It's so clean!

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      Thank you! :D I tried doing other things for a while but they didn't really make me happy. I draw slowly when it comes to comics but it gives me time to think of details. I can tell at least a couple of stories about each character - I hope I'll get to do it all!

      And yes, yes, give traditional a try! Though traditional materials constantly suck money out of your pocket if you do it regularly - but on the other hand digital requires a much bigger amount of money at the start (and then you're all set for several years).