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Hello everyone, you may have seen my Lewd account on FA. Well for the record that is staying over there. I do not plan on making anything Fetish related on Weasyl. Think of it as me starting fresh. I love the art I see here and I wish to be apart of it. I do not mind the idea of taking on Adult commissions but please do not take it to heart if I do not wish to do the subject requested. I am mostly a character artist but I am practicing backgrounds as well. I love fan art, Anthros, angels, Fantasy, little sci-fi, etc. So you may see more then Anthros on my account. Thank you for checking me out and reading.

Just so you guys know. I try to stream everyday, I honestly don't have a scheduled yet. But I usually do it in the Afternoon or at night. Rarely in the morning. If I am not streaming everyday or every other day it's because I am taking up to a few days break. My Picarto can be found here.

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Just a little writing

Hi everyone I may start to use this way more often then my FA. I gotta admit I'm kinda tired of doing certain types of art and hope to have a more fun time posting things I wish to draw more frequently here. Thanks for the views I have gotten so far, I have improved a lot since I last posted and I hope to enjoy my time here. =)

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Base Color Full Body Inked / Added Price Light Shading

Base Color, and Inked / Added price light shading
from $ 30.00
to $ 35.00

Bust Pictures (Up to 2 Characters)

Base Color is 25 can include light shading / 35 is for Full Color work
from $ 25.00
to $ 35.00

Full Color (up to 2 characters)

Full Color of a Scene, Full Body
$ 50.00

Inked Art (up to 2 Characters)

Black and White is 20 / Shading additional 5 dollars
from $ 20.00
to $ 25.00


More then 3 Characters, Each addition is 10 dollars, Limit 4. (less color work can lower price)
from $ 60.00
to $ 70.00


$ 18.00

Upper Body (Ankles/Knees Up)

Base Color is 25, light shading additional 5 dollars / 40 is for Full Color work
from $ 25.00
to $ 40.00

Please Go here to read Details on my Commissions, as well as how you can even lower the prices. =) Yes I have no issues with haggling as long as its within my guidelines. Also contains my history of an artist if you have commonly asked questions. This information also contains how one could get a refund if needed. -->

Also if you ever wish to watch my Live stream this is my Picarto. Please be warned there will be adult content related to my FA. --->



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    Hi I saw your message on the shouts on my FA user page, I know you missed me but I'm here now still doing works since I got kicked from FA.

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    Thanks for faving my tree sketch, I appreciate it~

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    Thanks for da watch :>