TF: Percy by Novoy

TF: Percy


21 January 2015 at 00:44:26 MST

A palette challenge issued to me by fulcrumisthebomb/allthefandomz on Tumblr.

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    I like how this one looks...the colors are very suitable to Perceptor! :)

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      They are indeed. ;) I was very pleased to get this palette for him. :D He's a very difficult dude to draw, but it was well worth it.

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        It was cool that in the new MTMTE issue Perceptor got to tell Megatron to sit down, shut up and let him work! lol

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          Hahaha I saw screenshots of that. :D I have to catch up with MTMTE... I've got to the start of Dark Cybertron, if I remember correctly (I see so many spoilers, it's hard to be sure!)

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            I have to say that the end of this Elegant Chaos arc had me shocked! Megatron and Magnus did some bonding in this arc, too! chuckle

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              I saw something about Rodimus Stars....~?

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                Yep...they both got awards from their dear leader! lol Magnus for best handwriting! rolls helplessly

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                  Hahaha oh my god. Well I recently got volumes 1-6 on Humble bundle, as well as issues 34-37. :D

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                    Yay! Reading frenzy!!!

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                      Hahaha oh yes... I keep chatting or doing calls with Spheen as we read along together. We're currently in volume three.

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                        Gosh...they haven't posted art in forever, I miss seeing it! Glad to know you guys are having a blast reading together! :)

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                          Spheen's actually posted more art on Tumblr, recently (they agree that their Weasyl has fallen into some appalling neglect. XD) I forget if she actually uploaded any of the pics here, but she did some fabulous Victorian transformers designs for Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Knockout.

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                            She didn't upload at Fur Affinity, either, I don't think. But then...I was gone from that site for all of February, too. lol

                            Gosh, those sound great! Encourage her to upload them here, if she can--I would love to see them! :)

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                              Well I know that after a time she deleted her dA, so perhaps she finds the sites no longer mesh with her? Especially seeing as she's mostly drawing on an iPad (as I do) because her computer's been having issues for awhile. And iPads don't always like to work with art websites, I have discovered (commenting on dA lags horribly and that leaves me with so, so many typos). I do hope Weasyl gets a mobile app at some point, because even if dA's mobile app is useless for removing art from your inbox that you've seen already, at least it would be easier (and much faster) to reply to comments.

                              Also, this is one of Spheen's most recent pieces (she doesn't have a dedicated art tag, but going through a few like 'procreate app' and 'drawing' should let you see some of her recent stuff (there's a lot of TFs, and then some Sonic Boom).

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                                Gosh...that is so fabulous! Thanks for showing me. :D

                                I can understand. I decided after a long time of thinking about it and talking to people--I'm going to leave Fur Affinity by the end of April anyways. I'm kind of tired of the negative and oppressive environment over there... sigh

                                I'll miss seeing art from lots of great artists, but...emotionally and for my health, it's going to be for the best to leave there. :)

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                                  No problem! :) Her art should be shared with everybody who likes TFs and doesn't mind some robogore every now and then. XD I proooobably should have asked if you don't mind robogore before I shared that link, even. Dear heavens I wasn't thinking. XD 'Cool art, must share!' *headdesk*

                                  I'm glad you were able to make that decision for your health! It's always sad to leave a website behind, but hopefully, the artists we loved are either already on whatever new website we go to (whether to sign up or simply to browse), or they'll migrate there eventually.

                                  Speaking of art websites, do you know anything about one called Wysp? I've had it recommended to me as both a good art site and a learning resource, but I haven't checked it out yet.

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                                    I've never heard of Wysp...but I don't go a lot of places on the internet. laughs I have friends trying to talk me into Tumblr, but with a full-time job, I doubt I could maintain a blog-like site reliably! chuckle

                                    Rrrrrgh...I have the new issue of MTMTE and I want to read it so badly, but I have to wait for my lunch break...'cause I wanna read it uninterrupted! (Stupid work........)

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                                      I signed up for Wysp since I mentioned it, and while I haven't checked out the practice tools on there (I usually go for the pixel.lovely ones), I do like their little widget that generates picture inspiration ideas, as well as added challenges for those pictures. It certainly helps with blank page issues. XD Also, Tumblr... well it depends on how you want to use it. Some people (me) mostly just reblog stuff that interests them, or that they like. And some people will comment in the post, others will just comment in the tags. And you don't always need to add either - I just add tags most of the time because it helps for organizational purposes, in case I go to look for specific things later. I mainly just browse whenever I feel like, and the ones that don't get reblogged onto are my art tumblr and my comic tumblrs. :P Tumblr is a matter of personal taste, though, and it isn't the right fit for everybody.

                                      I still haven't caught up but I keep hearing such amazing things and it sounds so exciting! I kind of want to draw that new DJD member, Nickel, but... the vision I have of her in my head, for her face anyway, is rather different from what the screenshots have shown. 'Cause DJD version of Tailgate she could possibly be, but I get the feeling that seeing as she lacks the face mask and visor, she should look... I don't know... more mature. Like how Rung looks sweet and innocent, but you don't automatically assume he's really young. If this is making sense. XD Ah well. I'll draw her eventually and hopefully convey what I mean in visual form.

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                                        I hope you're having fun on the site, then!

                               was amazing!!! I like Nickel, too. :) MTMTE comes up with such wonderful characters in their storylines--the writers really flesh them out and give them personalities. It's not that the other TF comics are not as good...but they often just don't spend the time on the characters as MTMTE does. I think that's why I love that comic so much...the writing and depth of even minor characters is just awesome!

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                                          I need to actually get back on to Wysp, but in the meantime, I have discovered Habitica and am having a great time over there.

                                          Very true! It's just personal preference to want her looking more scrappy in the way Kup does. XD People keep calling her the grandma of the DJD and it makes me think of Kup and aaaargh! Though with the latest MTMTE... I.... am not so happy with it. The Scavengers are fun, the Scavengers are great, but the way Grimlock is treated by both them and the narrative is upsetting.

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                                            It's a really weird issue to follow their very fun little homage to 80's/90's sitcom issue...and slightly dark "meeting the deathbot" issue (wasn't a fan of the Japanese cutesy art-style in #44--it didn't fit my ideal of this comic series). I still haven't figured out what to make of issue #45 made me feel uneasy as well. But I loved issue #43 and Cyclonus' avatar being a British schoolmistress just made me laugh. But I grew up in the 80's and watched the sitcoms of the 90's as that particular issue...I really related to it. :)

                                            There are some interesting storylines coming up, though...I'm glad the Cyclonus-Tailgate-Getaway thing will finally be dealt with soon. And the upcoming Christmas special looks like it's going to be tons of fun. :)

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                                              I had such strong feelings over the Swerve issue, because gosh dang it, some of the stuff I could really, really relate to. I haven't read the Necrobot/Censere issue, yet, but I already love him based on what I've seen. And those flowers? What an excellent, excellent idea.

                                              If I look at only the Scavenger parts of the issue, it's entertaining for the most part. If I look at the entire issue... Nope. Noooope. TheShriekingSisterhood on Tumblr addressed Jro about it, on Twitter, and we're all waiting to hear the well-thought-out response he said would be coming to the concerns stated.

                                              Yes! Even with the... very unpleasant issue we got, hopefully there will be something to fix that, and other things we've been waiting for are going to happen! :)

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                                                I was starting to get used to Megatron on the ship and liking it...but between issue #43 and #44--I very much like having Megatron on the ship. He and Rodimus make a very good balance of leadership now... (okay..........and I admit, I have started doing a ship between Megatron and Rodmus now........don't hurt me! XD) Seeing Megatron look out over that field and his expression--that was very, very heart-wrenching. I think there's going to be a part of me...if IDW decides to change things, have Megatron go back to being the old Megatron, starting the war again, rebooting the series or whatever...that will be very sad to see that change now.

                                                Why can't comics come out every week??? MTMTE is definitely the comic I look forward to each month anymore. I just wish they'd do an animated series based on would be awesome as an animated series............!

                                                I know IDW also has some big things coming up with the Dinobots, so I wonder if this issue with the Scavengers, and how they're treating Grimlock, will play into what they're coming up with, too? hmmm

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                                                  Wholeheartedly agreed. Megatron's very, very good for that ship and I enjoy seeing how he responds or reacts to situations. And I love that he has a Rodimus Star. Also, that's fine! It's very easy to ship them. My ship of choice is Megatron/Rung or Megatron/Terminus... There's a very good fic called What's The Rumpus where Megatron steals Brainstorm's briefcase so he can go rescue Terminus. It's only two chapters so far, but I love it.

                                                  Hahahaha oh god I think the comic artists would be in a frenzy if they had to do an entire comic issue every week. Especially if they've got lots of different projects they're working on. It would be cool, though. And gosh, I'd love an animated series. We'll see how that one based on Combiner Wars does.

                                                  Oh...! Gosh, I really hope so. Because at present, I kind of want Grimlock to just beat up the Scavengers. >.> Misfire in particular.

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                                                    I can't imagine what this comic would be if they go back to not having Megatron on the ship...but I suppose if they ever find the Knights of Cybertron and have to continue Megatron's trial............?'d probably be the end of the comic anyways. But in the comic world where most companies keep rebooting their stuff every 2-3 years...I worry about TF being rebooted and they start all over going back to the "old stuff". You know...the war and all is fine, but I think IDW proved that these robots can have plenty of adventures without the war being the main vehicle for plot. :)

                                                    (I already wrote one story about the Megatron/Rodimus pairing............ blushes)

                                                    I forgot about the Combiner Wars offshoot! I have to keep trying to remember to look at that. When I went to Chicago ComiCon this past August...I bought stuff from Prime Toys and bought the Combiner Hunters 3-pack (Arcee, Windblade and uhhh...forgot her name, Windblade's guardian), as well as some wonderful Japanese Transformers toys. :)

                                                    IDW is also doing a final Wreckers story. Which I thought the last was the final story but.................! XD They definitely are keeping the TF franchise alive and kicking! :)

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                                                      Oh gosh, it would be nowhere good, I'm pretty sure about that. Well, not exactly nowhere good, but nowhere nearly as good as having Megatron on the ship, getting up to shenanigans with the crew. Reboots are good for some stuff, but for others all I can think is 'for the love of god, you've got a good thing going. Leave it alone. Though on the other hand, Teen Titans Go! needs to be kicked and we need to get Teen Titans back. >_>

                                                      (Oh my~ I'd like to read it.)

                                                      I'm trying to get my hands on Combiner Hunters for Victorion and the Torchbearers... and refs. Because I'm trying to get my laptop, and then I'm going to set up a Patreon for zine work, and a TF femmes zine is going to be the first project. And Windblade's guardian is Chromia. :)

                                                      Ah yes! Sins of the Wreckers. I'm kind of curious about that one. I haven't read Last Stand of the Wreckers (and I'm not sure about it due to all I hear about tears), but Sins of the Wreckers? Hmmm....

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                                                        Yeah...reboots. Being kind of a DC fan, I cringe every time I hear they are rebooting their universe. Can't stand the new Green Lantern books now.

                                                        Gosh...please don't get me started on Teen Titans Go! @_@

                                                        Finding a lot of the TF toys are a pain, I wonder if you can order from Prime Toys online, I should check that out. If I were rich, I would have bought everything at their booth! ;)

                                                        I wish you the best of luck with Patreon and your fanzine!!!! :D

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                                                          I was so upset when Green Lantern: The Animated Series got cancelled. >_> Why you keep cancelling the good shows, corporations? Why've you gotta do it?

                                                          Hahahahaha I still need to land me a job before I can think about rewarding myself with lovely... lovely toys. And comics. XD

                                                          Thank you! :D I'll probably make a journal here when I have it set up.

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                                                            DC is so wishy-washy when it comes to their regular t.v. cartoons and I just don't get it. I've actually had to warn my fellow staff (at the Library), because the Children's Department has been purchasing the newer DC movies and I took "Arkham Assault" over to the Children's Librarian and explained that this was rated practically R (a very high PG-13) because there's a sex scene in it. Not just that, but they're actually adding nudity to more of the DC animated movie features. She told me that it was listed under "children's movies" where she ordered from and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! XD Last thing the Library needs is an angry parent seeing their kids watching a "cartoon with sex in it"........ @_@

                                                            One day you will get the job and all the fun stuff!!!!!!!!!! :D

                                                            I still want a MTMTE version of Rodimus to be made into a toy..... :) I cannot draw robots at all...but I drew a chibi of Rodimus' avatar: was quite funny trying to EXPLAIN this to my watchers in the comments. The avatar thing. XD I wish I could draw robots, but for now I have to be a fan of anyone else who can draw robots! ;)

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                                                              Oh my god... Thaaaaat is definitely not good. Oh geez. I'm so glad you caught that. That's not something children need to be seeing at all. 8'D

                                                              I will! And then I'll start commissioning all the people I want to commission, too! CustomToysByManic on Etsy told me how much it would be to get a Jetstorm or Strika fluffbot sooooo.... Jet storm will be my reward for getting a job. Strika will be couple of months reward or something. XD

                                                              Have you seen Klepjull's replicas on dA? I need to find someone who does something similar because hell yes we need replicas of the entire MTMTE cast, plus Victorion and the Torchbearers, plus Strika, plus plus plus-
                                                              That's an awesome chibi holy crumbs! Excellent work, there. :D Hahaha at the start, I thought I'd never be able to draw them, and... well... here we are, now. XD

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                                                                You never know what sets people off at a Library. We have one book in our collection and every few weeks we have to hunt for it. It's a book about abuse in the church, so it is a controversial item (but we have dozens of others on the same topic...this is the only book that "hides"), but someone likes to hide it somewhere in the Library every time we put it back in its proper place on the shelf! :/

                                                                So many people have such amazing talent! I have a friend who does Fan-Ponies on Etsy and sells well...her most popular ones are "Teen Titans Go!" ones, though.... XD She made me a Zoro and Sanji (One Piece) set, based on the Zoro and Sanji Ponies I drew last year (I share my art with her all the time), as a birthday gift a few months ago! :)

                                                                D'awwwww...thanks so much! And thanks for faving my little chibi, too. Everyone tells me my chibis mega cute I need to stop posting them. XD One day I should draw chibis of all the Lost Light's main crew human avatars...though I think Cyclonus' and Whirl's might be the toughest for me! :D

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                                                                  Hahaha oh my gosh... XD Apparently, at our central branch, they had a period of time where people kept hiding the Harry Potter books because they 'encouraged witchcraft'.

                                                                  Oh cool! :D MLP isn't my cup of tea, show-wise (the villains are the main ones who catch my attention and hold it *sob* So my favs are Discord and Sombre), but the designs are very fun. :) It's super cool that your friend made ponies for you based on your artwork! :D I'm trying to look into how scratch building works (irritatingly, all the stuff points at planes or boats when you're looking for beginner tips) because I want to try and scratch build my own Beast Machines Jetstorm, and then maybe also make some of the robots from my comic.

                                                                  Duuuude, chibis of all the main cast would be super rad (and super cute!)

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                                                                    You could always look into 3-D printing...that might be a way to get custom robots done. Some public Libraries even offer 3-D printing (not the one I work at though). :)

                                                                    Maybe I'll attempt to do a group pic of chibis of the Lost Light for New Years, I usually do one really big picture for New Years! :D

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                                                                      Hahaha well I know the central branch of my library doesn't offer that (at the moment? Maybe they'll add one to the Inspiration Lab.)

                                                                      Oooooh~! That sounds like it'd be really fun! :D

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                                                                        Maybe they will one day! I know that they've been trying for five years to replace the public use I doubt we'll get a 3-D printer soon either....... @_@

                                                                        I'm going to make an attempt to do a cover for my little Megatron/Rodimus fan-fic, "Sparks" (the robots, actually). And then some avatar chibis...I wish we had refs for all of the crew.......! XD

                                                                        This will be the first time I've attempted non-Mega Man robots since...1995 (when I muddled through drawing Transformers, very poorly....). chuckle

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                                                                          Maybe! I certainly hope so, as it would be super cool. And fun to watch the kids at book camp all trying to get a turn using it. XD

                                                                          Oooooh! Let me know how that goes (and maybe link me once it's done?) Refs for all the crew would be one of the best things they could give us in an 'art of' book, tbh. I really, really hope there's going to be one for recent IDW stuff and that ref sheets will be included.

                                                                          Holy cow, twenty years! And I know that off the top of my head because 1995 was the year I was born. *finger guns*

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                                                                            I will show you the pic when I'm done, even if it's awful because I can't draw hard-lined robots. XD

                                                                            I have one TF artbook...but I can't remember if it was for DreamWave's stuff or the early IDW. Gosh...I would LOVE for them to put out a massive artbook with all the alternate covers and at least some of the sketch designs. I know the MTMTE graphic novels have some sketch designs of the characters (volume 1 is the only one I have, but it has Rodimus, Drift, Hoist and a few other ship things).

                                                                            I've always been a better writer than artist, but I've never had a friend who could illustrate my I had to struggle to do my own stuff. XD I think the only original TF drawing I did was for an OC I created named Silverclaw (had a wolf alt mode)...then later I saw there was a Pretender with a similar form! XD

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                                                                              It would be the dream, yes. I love when they put the designs in the back of the volumes,, with flat colours and all the details visible. It makes for good refs instead of insane amounts of guesswork.

                                                                              Hahaha nice! What was Silverclaw like?

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                                                                                Silverclaw was an ex-Decepticon who kinda was under Starscream's regime of Pretender army (in my stories...which were generically based on the cliffhangered 4th season of the original t.v. series). Being under Starscream was probably what drove him to the Autobots! XD Actually...Starscream was in league with the Quintessons in a bid to take back Cybertron, so he was working separately from Galvatron and Zarak (and the main Decepticon force).

                                                                                Oh...and I drew this recently...

                                                                                UTTER FAIL ON MEGATRON'S AVATAR. XD headdesk