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ZeeNovos Hi, I'm Zee. I draw way too much fan art, and have two comics which I'm doing my best to keep going. I also show a great deal of favouritism when it comes to my characters.

I like robots (a little too much), mythology, unusual looking creatures/characters, birds, horses, patterns, pillows, a broad spectrum of music, and making art. I also like making people happy with my art.

I can be found at deviantArt as ZeeNovos. I've got lots more stuff there, for now. (My Tumblr has even more.) My Twitter updates the fastest, at present.

My commission sheet (with some handy examples) is here.
If you'd just like to support my art, I've got an Artist Tip Jar



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Novos to Novoy

Heyo! Just a heads up that I had my username changed to Novoy, here. :)

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    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! MTMTE #53.........................massive super-important reveal happened! ARRRGH!!! You need to hear about it............if you want spoilers, ' important thing was revealed in this issue. :o

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      I am all for those spoilers, so feel free to reveal them all! I'll probably get all caught up with the story sometime when I can buy physical copies of the volumes.

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        "The Pet" is DOMINUS AMBUS. Chromedome tried to save him, at the cost of his own life...but Rewind stopped him by grabbing one of Drift's blades and cutting off Chromedome's arm. So...Dominus AMBUS is really dead now maybe???? @_@

        Megatron refuses to fight, whatsoever. Magnus got freaking awesome new armour from Brainstorm! And Ravage said he was disappointed in Megtron's refusal to fight, while Rodimus called him a coward. I think Whirl and Cyclonus are really friends now AND!!! Nautica performed an Amica Endura ceremony with Rung, Brainstorm, Skids, Nightbeat and Velocity!!!!!! So much stuff happened! :o

        And a group hug at the end, where Rodimus thanked everyone for traveling with him. ;_;

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          ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME?! The PET is Dominus?! Also wow, Megatron tries to be a pacifist and hold to that and you call him a coward. You'd say he couldn't keep promises if he fought, dudes. WAIT apparently there was some Skids angst and he called Rung 'Eyebrows'? Someone said they're hoping it means he realizes what a bad friend he's been to Swerve and I was wondering what your thoughts were on this?

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            I know! So shocking!!! :o I still want to know if Dominus is now dead, too...since Rewind made that choice to force Chromedome to pull out.

            I think Rodimus (though disagreeing--since he gave a time-and-place statement as his disagreement) understood what Megatron meant, but Ravage was crushed by this. I kinda have to agree with Rodimus...there's a time-and-place for pacificism, but do you want to hold to ideals or save lives? Because if Megatron fights...they have a better chance of winning it. It's not a good place for anyone right now......

            As for Skids...I caught it, but I have multiple theories on it. I think part of it also has to do with the Amica Endura ceremony...because we all know Skids feels really close to Nautica. It could be the thing a couple issues ago as well...with Skids being forced to remember his past abruptly too. I think there's a lot of small things that may have driven a wedge between Skids and Rung, that have been building for awhile.

            And the group hug scene at the end...Rodimus looks directly at Chromedome when he says thank you to them all. He knows how much pressure he has always put Chromedome under...and as the leader sometimes making pretty hard decisions, he knows exactly how important Chromedome's skills really are and how often it's saved them all.

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    no problem! Love your works, they're all so amazing <3

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      Hahahaha oh my, thank you very much! :)

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    Thanks for posting your Transformers art, whenever you're back this way. I love seeing it. :D

    Oh...and Megatron/Rodimus (avatar) pairing--just thought I'd share this pic with you that I drew recently, for the heck of it! XD