Hey I'm Nommz and I do art things! Occasionally open for commissions and drawing a super lot of the time.

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Slots CLOSED, Slavestreams still OPEN

on 29 March 2017 at 15:09:29 MDT

EDIT: The commission slots form has been closed, and I'll be selecting slots and sending emails soon. Check here: Slavestreams are still open, though! Those only close off on each corresponding week, so feel free to book times and check back regularly, as folks cancel every so often.

Hey all!

Commissions are open as promised. Here's some links!
Terms of Service:
Commission Slot form:
Slavestream form:

Copypasta from before:
Commission slot form will close on Thursday @ 11:59 PM EST! As stated before, I'll be taking 15 slots, 8 of which are first come first serve, and the remaining 7 will be picked from the other submitted forms. I apologize ahead of time to those unable to get a slot! There will always be more batches of commissions I'll open for. This doc should be updated with who got a commission slot :
Once all slots have been filled, I'll send out emails to continue the process from there! If anyone drops out for whatever reason, the slot will be refilled as needed. Once I finish this batch, I'll open up again for more!

The slavestream form will remain open, however! The only time it closes up is for that particular week's slots, on Sunday! Navigate different weeks with the arrow keys. You need to book a slot and respond to the automated email with your slavestream plans before the Sunday prior to your stream, or its cancelled. Any remaining unclaimed slots will also be blocked off at that time. Payment for the stream (which is $40 an hour) is due before the stream, as it will be invoiced to you.

If you'd like to upgrade a commission (from sketch to flats, for example), you have two options! It could be done by the image, which will be priced according to the difference in what it cost you and what it would have cost you (I'll give you a price estimate if you ask). It could also be done in a slavestream! If you'd like to purchase a single hour of streaming for upgrading a commission, let me know! Shoot me an email to inquire about either and I'll give you further information.

Best of luck! I feel like I may have forgotten something somewhere; check previous journals for more information if needed, and if that doesn't help, comment/note/email me!

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    This place needs more Paws!

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    mmm good

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    Hey Nommy, when will that horse YCH from a couple months ago be done? :D

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      Its finished! I just have quite a large backlog of stuff to post, haha. Some of the winners might have posted it already.

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        Who won? I don't see it posted anywhere D:

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    Hey there! Thanks muchly for the favorite! It's much appreciated!

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    You're catching up on your weasyl update too? hehe!

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      Every so often I look at the submissions I get. I'm holding back on posting new content till this wave of newcomers on every not-FA site slows down.