Hey I'm Nommz and I do art things! Occasionally open for commissions and drawing a super lot of the time.

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on 2 June 2018 at 05:27:52 MDT

Yo folks!
I thought last batch in January was nuts. But this time I had a total of 112 form submissions over a day! I'm utterly flattered with how much interest there's been in my artwork, thank you all so much! I won't lie, it was very hard to narrow down to 15. Soooo...I upped it to 25 slots. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, since I don't have slavestreams to also take up time.
All of the emails for the main queue have been sent out at this time. I'll update the queue here once folks respond and confirm they want their slot - some folks may drop their slot, so keep watch on your emails if you didn't get one yet.

As with last time, I was struck with lots of indecision, and a massive amount of great ideas. So, I'm again doing a bunch of bonus commissions! It's the exact same thing as before! However, if you are not familiar with what I mean by bonus commissions:

It effectively a waitlist of the simpler ideas that folks submitted. I'll take them on every so often when I have spare time or in between big commissions. They work a bit differently, though pricing is the same as normal:

-Won't all be taken on at once. Only several at a time, if folks respond in a timely fashion.
-A bit of random priority, often being taken in during spare time or between more complex commissions as a break or warm-up.
-May or may not be streamed. Sometimes I'll just do them on my own when I'm bored one night.
-Only one preliminary sketch (the vast majority are picked because they don't seem like they'd need more than one anyway)

The bonus commissions queue is here, alongside the rest of the queue:
If your commission idea has been selected as a bonus commission and these terms aren't acceptable for whatever reason, that's alright! You can let me know via comment, note, or email, and I can take you off the list, no problem. Likewise, if I get to your bonus commission, and for whatever reason you need to postpone or cancel it, just let me know! If you're on the list, I'd like to ask you a favor to check back on your emails every so often just in case! I WILL contact everyone on the list at some point. I cannot say for certain when, but I will email you!

Anyway, while I did take on a LOT of commissions, both in the main and bonus queue, I still had to make quite a few cuts to reach that number. Super sorry to those that didn't receive a slot this time around! I'll of course open up again later, so there's alway more opportunities. I wanted to do so many of these ideas, but I am but one person. Again, thank you all for showing such interest! As always, feel free to poke me if you have any questions!

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    So, a philly boy eh?

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      That I am!

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        It'd be fun to go destroy that massive train station you guys have. :p

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          Is it really massive? I always figured it was pretty normal sized.

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            Yeah, it's pretty big. Also it'd be fun to eat everything in the zoo, and aquarium.

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    This place needs more Paws!

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    mmm good

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    Hey Nommy, when will that horse YCH from a couple months ago be done? :D