Scarred and Masked by Nomax

Scarred and Masked


23 May 2018 at 12:01:11 MDT

Commission done for Airlea and Skarphedinn (both can be found on FA) of their respective characters! Thank you very much :)

Had worked on some private pictures and switched up my process a good bit. Always a bit of a harrowing experience to go from having barely any experience with a some new elements in your workflow right into paid work and all the extra pressure to perform that brings with it. But I'm quite happy, it's a way to plan colours and values that felt immediately intuitive to me which is nice, since that's the area i felt was the most useless before. In that before, most everything up to the sketch was more or less just to check if the commissioner likes it, only to then be completely painted over with no real elements of it surviving in the final painting. While the new sketch approach is one that actually makes sure that the early sketches actually add to the picture.

Not anywhere close to perfect yet as nothing ever is, but it's a good point to explore from.

This picture also is available as a print alongside a variety of merchandise like items. So if you're interested head on over to either : (this store offers a much higher artist cut if you want to make sure most of your money ends up with the artist )
or (with more weird stuff, like wall clocks and whatnot)

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    aaAA they are FIERCE!

    and that new sketch approach is undoubtedly a good art practice. it does happen sometimes that things look entirely differently than the beginning, such is art.

    you've got what perfection doesn't have!~

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      Thank you very much, and yeah, it just feels nicer if you can actually use all of the sketch as the base for the final picture :)

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    This is simply just the best thing I've seen in a long time. Fantastic work on that armor.

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      Thank you very much :)