You are feeling ... observed by Nomax

You are feeling ... observed


8 March 2017 at 10:47:17 MST

Commission done for Taihab on FA, thank you very much!

Was a pretty fun one to work on, again some forest action! Request was to have it be a fairly bright forest while still giving the character a fairly creepy atmosphere, so that ended up being a pretty fun challange!

Character of course belongs to Taihab

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    I really love her glowing eyes!

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      Thanks , yeah glowy things can be preeeeetty fun!

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    Oh my gosh, this is absolutely stunning!!!! The background and character both! There's so much to pick out in the backround alone. o.o;

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      Probably a fox somewhere too! Those sneaky things end up everywhere! :D Thank you!

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        I AM OBSERVING! This is the duty of the fox.

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    Damn that's gorgeous! I love the atmosphere, and the total feeling of enticement and yet sense of peril

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      Thank you very much, happy to hear that!

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    this is lovely, nice scenery and rad character! I imagine someone wandering through the forest and seeing something glowing at first, then jumping a bit once they noticed an entire person watching them from the water!