Be careful with the steps please by Nomax

Be careful with the steps please


17 May 2016 at 18:06:24 MDT

Commission done for Orangebluez on FA, thank you very much!

This was a fun one. I really love drawing foliage and it's probably one of them most fun areas of experimentation for me to just try and get more effect with less work. It's of course not where i want it to be still, and it never will be but that chase after the ever changing goal is ultimately what's fun about art!

Character of course belongs to Orangebluez.

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    Excellent working on the lighting! And great choices on the poses to generate a sense of motion and energy. ^(_)^

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      Thank you very much! Yeah poses for fights always are a bunch of fun! Just is a pretty fun challange to figure something out that is a good mix of having a fluid appearance, being believable and conveying the weight and strain on the body during that moment. Still lots to learn with them but they're always fun to figure out!

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    Me: Woooooooow
    Zion: Wow so cool
    Tex: Excellent
    Erin: Mad Skills
    Ken: Your art is something to not so easily over look

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      Thanks to everyone again for both comments :)