Mannequin Switcheroo by Rex-Equinox - 07 END by nightdragon0

Mannequin Switcheroo by Rex-Equinox - 07 END


29 August 2019 at 21:53:49 MDT

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Several stands had been set up under the sheltered patio at the castle’s entrance. These were used by merchants to sell various souvenirs and goods.

Mannequin Arysdron was carried over to a clothing stand. While the display stands & cabinets had been locked up, there was a full body mirror. The duplicate pushed him in front of the mirror and allowed him to see himself. He was indeed a mannequin, with only the barest of dragon-like features and no identifying traits. No horns or spikes. Pupiless eyes, nostrils shaped out & a marking to indicate his mouth, which was permanently sealed & unable to be opened.

There was no way he would be recognized.

The duplicate wasn’t done however, he reached for mannequin Arysdron’s right arm, twisted and popped it out of its socket. That startled mannequin Arysdron, as the sensation in his right arm immediately vanished when it was disconnected.

He was helpless to do anything but silently protest as the duplicate disconnected his other arm, then his wings and moved on to his tail. Each time, the feeling of his limbs vanishing made mannequin Arysdron internally shudder.

Finally, the duplicate twisted him at the waist, disconnecting his torso from his legs. Now just left with a head & a limbless torso, mannequin Arysdron was placed upright on the table beside the stand. All with full view of himself in the mirror.

The duplicate tossed all the disconnected mannequin limbs into nearby boxes & shoved them to the back, just barely in view of what mannequin Arysdron could see in the mirror.

“You’ll be more useful this way!” The duplicate chuckled, giving the mannequin a pat on the head for good measure. “Well, seeing as you’re not much of a conversationalist, I’ll be taking my leave now. Keep your chin up!”

With that, the duplicate strode off, disappearing past the darkness at the entrance to castle.

Mannequin Arysdron was left with his view locked into looking at his limbless form in the mirror. Immobile & unable to close his eyes. Completely unrecognizable and hidden in plain sight.

Not this again! Mannequin Arysdron sighed, wondering if he’d be able to get out of this situation. Even if this form allowed him to eventually muster up the magical energy to animate it, it was going to be difficult do anything in this state!

He hoped too that the shopkeeper here would at least display some interesting clothing on him. It might help to starve off some of this boredom…

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