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Nightdragon fursuit made by Temperance
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Anthro Northwest 2017
Midwest FurFest 2017

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Anthro Northwest 2017

on 18 November 2017 at 17:06:33 MST

TLDR Version (lazy bums!):
Had an amazing time, volunteered at a con for the first time & still enjoyed the con, part of dance comp/battle organizers & was a great learning experience, some valid concerns/improvements to be made, would definitely volunteer and attend again!

Wall of text version:
Decided to volunteer for the experience & wanted to contribute to the community. Had so much fun even though I was working at the con at times. That a first year con still made volunteering fun, made our contributions feel valued that's something!

All the friends I got to chill with after so long added to that, along with the successful dance panels with Rinn & team!

So, PG con: It's fortunate that I found out about fursuits first, because I absolutely would've been scared off for good if it was all about the 'adult side' of things. By now though, it's gotten to the part of "you do you", don't involve me in it, I didn't see nothing!
It is very annoying too when some just assume you automatically have these intentions when I am trying to be a decent person and actually talk to people, which as an INTJ personality, social interaction is extremely taxing on me mentally.
Putting my camera between a fursuiter & myself is my way if saying 'hi', in a roundabout way heh.

It was nice to not have things like "person in full fetish gear in the public area accidentally walks into the background & spoils my photo/video shot", but that's also my photographer/videographer OCD talking haha.

It was interesting to observe how the social media wildfire spread, changed, and finally died out. As a scientist, I'm used to having to conduct an unbiased stance when carrying out research, though I don't study these social sciences topics in my field. I can see why some find them fascinating though.
That being said, there were some valid concerns and points that could be improved on. But isn't that every convention?

It struck me about how many children/younger attendees I saw with their parents there. We as adults often forget the restrictions we had as children & the things we faced growing up shift from generation to generation. The net is a different experience from the in-person world.
As someone who only got involved in this after I had graduated with a degree and was working full time for a few years, I realize it must be a whole different world. I can probably compare it to how I used to beg my parents to take me to Toys-R-Us back when I was a child.

Don't get me wrong, I am in this for my own enjoyment. That's my priority. I was working full time and am now doing my Masters degree. Fursuiting, videography/photography is my way of getting away from work and engaging in my hobbies.

But if I make someone else's day along the way, then it's an even bigger win in my book.

Meme version:
Achievement Unlocked: Sleep? What's that? --Volunteered/Staffed/Ran Panels/Events at a convention.

-- #FakeNewsCon #ConspiracyCon #IlluminatiConfirmed (Inside jokes between friends =p)

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