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Relaxing at the beach by nh63879

Relaxing at the beach


So here it is! My latest pic of my big husky Danny. This is a wonderful pic that has been done for me by KaputOtter on FA who after seeing a journal posted by them looking for themes and the like I put my name down for. Having got in touch with them about macro/micro themes I shared a number of ideas I had for both macro and micro with him. He was quite impressed with what I had in mind and chose my idea of having a macro on the beach which is what you see here. For someone like him who's not done macro or micro before he's done a fantastic job on it and I have enjoyed working on it as much as I have seeing it!

So anyway here's Danny who is just casually relaxing on the beach with only the bravest of micros around him and on him!

This was at a time when Danny was still young and slim and getting use to being a macro. Although he enjoyed being a giant in just his underwear there were times when he felt rather uncomfortable with a big fluffy coat and tight cotton briefs and this was the time of the year which, although he loved, was also one of the hottest times of the year. After strolling around in the open and under the hot summer sun he felt rather hot and uncomfortable. He sat down with a large and heavy booming noise and shake of the ground and laid down in the midst of a field. He laid there pulling and tugging at his underwear slowly but breathing lightly. He knew himself that he was hot and uncomfortable and needed to find a way to cool down and relax but couldn't do it as easily as he used to because of his giant size. Even though he could have gone into a city and relaxed in the shade of some tall buildings he felt it wouldn't be enough and his size would make it difficult for him to lay back and relax properly. As he lied on the ground staring up at the cloudless sky he heard the faint sound of birds flying in the distance and thought of the perfect place to go and relax, the beach. He slowly got up and began to walk around looking for any birds or anything similar flying around and above him that would help him find the nearest thing to the beach or even a beach.

After walking around for half an hour and not finding anything or any direction towards a beach or the coast he was about ready to give up and just stay where he was until things cooled down. Just as he was about to sit down he noticed in the corner of his eye something small and round in the distance. Slowly walking forwards to see what it was he started to see that it was a blimp and knew he was not far away from what could be a place to relax. He started to make his way towards the area where the blimp was flying and noticed, in the distance, a small town. He started to head towards the town slowly but uncomfortably in his hot underwear and was eager to take them off.

Before he could take them off he saw a large warehouse building in a complex of other sized warehouses just before the town. Curious to see what it was he started to walk towards the building looking down with curiosity as to what this was he could see coming out of the building. As he got towards the building those working there could see him coming towards them quickly and in their haste and panic began to run away and into other parts of the large warehouse complex hoping the giant wouldn't see them of hurt them. As Danny stepped into the large open space of the warehouse complex he stopped and looked down and around with a smile on his face and wagging tail as tiny furries below ran in fear and panic. He then noticed something that appearing from one of the warehouse buildings, that was big and red. Interested to see what it was he bent down and reached down and pulled out something that was just perfect for him. It was a pair of giant red colored speedos! He held them up and looked at them and smiled excitedly, wagging his tail rapidly causing a strong force of wind to blow anything and anyone loose around! Seeing they were just the right size for a giant like him he didn't hesitate to try them out and see if they were big enough for him. Lifting one leg up into them with a stomp followed by the other he pulled them up towards his tail, pushed it through the back and pulled the up. He looked at them and could see they fit him perfectly but didn't know if they were comfortable enough to wear. He slipped them off and then took of his underwear and dropped them over the top of one of the warehouses then put the speedos back on. As he put them on he felt cool and refreshed wearing them and decided to wear them. He picked up his underwear and stuffed them into the front of his new speedos and then made his way towards the small town just eager to show them and his gigantic size off.

As he began to get closer to the town he noticed a large and long beach that was just perfect for someone of his size. As he started to make his way towards the beach his presence was beginning to be felt by those there and in the town. The light booming noise and shaking of the ground stated to get heavier and louder as Danny slowly walked towards the beach. Those on the beach began to notice something unusual when a large dark shadow was coming from the direction of the town and everything loose was shaking heavily with the sound deep and loud booming and thudding.

They looked to see that there was a giant husky slowly coming towards them and in their haste began to run away and off the beach as quickly as the giant stepped onto it. Danny didn't take much notice of those already on the beach as he was more focused on the calm blue sea washing around his giant paws and ankles as he got further onto the beach and towards the sea. Feeling the cooling sensation of the water wrapping around his paws and ankles he slowly sat down on the sand with a mighty boom and shake of the sand. Those who left the beach stood near the edge of it and looked at the giant lying there calmly stretched out on the sand. Danny noticed at the side of him a crowd of beach goers standing there looking at him. Narrowing his eyes and giving a calming smile he lifted his hand up and waved it towards his body gesturing those there to come over towards him. He then laid his hand out and patted the sand by his side with a loud boom and shake before waving his hand again urging them onto the beach. One beach goer slowly walked onto the beach close to Danny looking up at him nervously and fearfully. Danny saw the tiny furry and calmly smiled at them before lowering his hand onto the sand gently stroking it with his fingers. As the tiny furry laid down on the beach and felt the giants presence to be non threatening and safe others slowly began to make their way back onto the beach. Some laid down close to Danny and curiously stroked and felt the fur of the giant. Danny felt some of the tiny furries near him and picked one or two up with the tips of his fingers! He put them down on his chest and his belly and happily watched them settle and relax into the thickness of his fur, tickling him slightly.

As the sun went down Danny picked up the furries on his body and put them down before slowly getting up again. Stuffing his underwear back into his speedos he turned and headed through the small town and on his way again. As he walked through the town he looked down and smiled calmly at the tiny furries following behind him. Giving a calm smile he waved to them and then turned around and walked on his way again. After finding a cool place to sleep for the night he took his underwear out of his speedos and scrunched them up into a makeshift pillow and slept on them. The following day he put them back on and continued on his giant way looking for more things and places to explore.

So that's the story behind the pic. I admit it's a bit late now for a summer like pic but I'm not complaining. I do have more pics to come so be sure to keep an eye out for the next big pic of a big Danny and Max and Adam and the others.

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