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29 March 2017 at 10:20:47 MDT

Well now this is something I don't think anyone would have imagined! Danny has become a taur! And what a big taur indeed. But just how did he become one in the first place? Well this is what happened.

It was on another quiet evening for many with the roads quiet and the sky clear as daylight. On a small road was a small truck heading from a nearby science facility, carrying drums of an unusual and unknown chemical substance. Given the road was completely quiet the driver of the truck relaxed into what was to be a long journey. The driver was blissfully unaware that just further down the long road near the edges of a small town was something rather big and rather fluffy! The driver continued on down the road towards the town when there was a small shallow booming noise and light rumble, which wasn't noticed. As the truck continued there was sudden boom and heavy shake of the ground that caught the attention of the driver. The driver slammed on the brakes of the truck and got out to see what he had hit or had happened. Not seeing anything the driver clambered back into the truck and was about to pull away when there was yet another boom and shake of the ground, what was heavier and louder than the previous one. This was followed by yet another and another that got the driver concerned and worried. Having got back out of the truck they looked around to see what was going on where they noticed just to the right of the truck was a giant 300ft husky slowly walking towards them. The giant glanced down and saw the truck and slowly walked towards it with one hand reaching out to pick it up. The driver fearfully screamed and ran in fear as the giant reached down and picked up the truck walking off with it. The driver laid on the ground and glanced up briefly to see the giant husky walking past them with the truck in its hand. Having escaped from the giant the driver ran towards the town to get help as the giant walked on with the truck.

Having seen the truck and taken it Danny walked on with it in his hand not knowing what was inside it. Eventually he came towards an open space near a lake and a river where he stopped for the night. He sat on the ground and looked at the truck with curiosity and interest as to what was inside it. He then laid down and began to play with it, like the big kid he is inside, for a while. After playing with it for some time he heard something rattling inside it and began to shake it around wondering what could be inside. Little did he know that inside the truck was drums of an unknown chemical mixture and that by shaking the truck about and being so rough with it he had caused the chemicals to spill out and mix with each other. He noticed something leaking from the back of the truck and thinking with his stomach began to lick the truck and suck away at it before chewing on it. After he chewed it and had eaten the contents of the truck he began to lay down and fall asleep for the night. It was while he was asleep that something strange was happening to him. His body was altering is shape! His lower body began to take the shape and form of a feral animal with four feet and while his upper body stayed the same. Little did he realize that he was becoming a giant husky taur! When he woke up the following morning he stretched out and just as he stood up he noticed something strange about him. He looked down to see his lower body was different and he had more feral looking feet and his body was more fluffy below. He looked down behind to see his body also had extra legs and was more feral than before. He had in fact turned into a taur! He raised one of his back legs up and slammed it down on the ground with a mighty boom! Hearing and feeling this he felt excited and cheerful about this new body shape he had and what he could now get up to with such a big and long body. At first he took a step forward and tripped over himself with a loud boom and heavy shake of the ground then got up and tried again but tripped up a second time. Realizing this he slowly took one step forward and followed it with another and slowly began to walk on four feet instead of two. After slowly getting use to walking of four feet he began to pick up his pace and run around excitedly jumping up and around as he got to grips with walking on four feet. With that he slowly started to walk on his four feet following a long road looking around hoping to find somewhere like a city to show off his new tauriffic body and to have more gigantic fun as a giant taur.

So that's how a giant Danny went from being a giant on two legs to a giant taur on four legs. I gotta admit I've had a soft spot for taurs for a long time, especially a macro taur. I was interested in having Danny as a macro husky taur after seeing a lot of macro taur pics from Jhusky and other macro taurs. This particular tauriffic pic was done for me by LunaBara , just in time for my birthday as well, after I saw a wonderful pic they did for theredknight100 of their taur: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22770855/.

This is my first ever pic of Danny as a taur and it will not be the last one of course. I love how he looks as a taur so much that I'm going to be having some more pics of him as a taur for sure. Especially some with him as taur in underwear of course. So be sure to keep an eye out.

Oh and don't forget to fave the original as well: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22990591/

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