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Danny's first rampage by nh63879

Danny's first rampage


Now then! This is something I know some of you weren't expecting to see, Big Danny on a big rampage! Well even a good macro can go bad. But why is such a big and fluffy giant like Danny rampaging? Well it's bit of a long story:

A few weeks have passed since Danny found and met another macro, called Banryu, who had similar interests in macro and micros. Since that night they met and had some sexual fun in a small town. It was whilst he was walking out in the open he noticed something big in the distance ahead of him. He stood and looked and wondered what it was in the distance. Whatever it was in the distance was moving slowly towards him and getting bigger. With his tail between his legs he took a small step back and watched the large shape move closer and closer towards him. The large shape moving towards him was in fact another macro, that was actually a macro wolf. Squinting his eyes Danny was able to see that it was a macro wolf but couldn’t make out who it was. As the giant wolf got closer and closer Danny was just able to make out the colour of the wolf and had some idea of who it was. It was Banryu the macro wolf who he had met a few weeks earlier around a small town. “Banryu?” asked Danny “Is that you?”. As Banryu got closer to Danny he could hear him and see him standing there nervously looking at him. “It’s good to see you again big guy.” Said Banryu cheerfully smiling at Danny “What are you doing with you tail between your legs? You’re not scared are you?” Danny slowly raised his tail from between his legs and felt relaxed at seeing Banryu in front of him. “Err…” said Danny nervously “no. I was just err…fluffing it up!” Banryu smiled and giggled as Danny try to brush off his nervousness. Seeing him giggling Danny giggled back and glanced at him. “So…what are you up to Banryu?” “Well…” replied Banryu looking down at his feet “I was thinking about going into a big city to have a rampage.” Although Danny was a macro he had never been on a rampage, or even heard of it before. For Danny the closest he ever came to causing damage and chaos was accidental such as swiping his tail into a building or buildings or getting too close to them, except for a sexual desire to stick his dick through a building and flood a town with cum! “A rampage?” asked Danny with a confused look on his face “what do you mean by a rampage?” Banryu smiled at him, knowing the he had never been on one before and didn’t know what it was or how to do it. “You’ve never gone on one before?” asked Banryu smiling seductively at Danny “It’s one of the funnest things to do as a macro!” “Really?” asked Danny “what do you do on a rampage?” Banryu moved closer towards Danny and wrapped his arm around him then pressed up tight against him. “There is so much you can do on a rampage. You smash buildings. Stomp all over the ground. Crush anything with your feet or hands. And if you are hungry or you want something to…tickle your tongue…you can even grab a handful of tiny furries to eat or tongue play with! The more destructive you are the more fun it is.” As Danny listened to Banryu his face lit up with a smile, with his tail rising high and his bulge getting tighter. “Wow that does sound like fun!” said Danny excitedly “What are we standing around here for? Let’s go on a rampage!” Patting Danny on the arm Banryu wagged his tail rapidly and smiled at Danny excitedly knowing he would go on a rampage with him. With that the two giants made their way across the open looking around for a city big enough for them to rampage through, stomping around and smashing some small towns along the way as practice.

Having made their way across the open and through some small towns along the way they stopped ahead a few miles from the outskirts of a city with a large skyline of tall buildings and skyscrapers. “This looks like a perfect city for a rampage” said Banyru looking at Danny, wagging his tail. “How should we go into it?” asked Danny slowly. Banryu looked at Danny with narrowed eyes and smiled then looked at the city skyline with a seductive smile. “Lets stomp slowly towards the city to get the little furries shook up” replied Banryu “Then as soon as we get into the city we give them a big howl and start smashing some buildings.” Danny smiled excitedly and felt his bulge become erect and hard at the idea and then the two giants slowly began to stomp their way towards the city.

Near the edge of the city those there were going about there business without realising that there were two giants heading their way. Suddenly without warning there was a slight thumping noise and a slight shake of the ground. Those there stopped and looked around wondering what was going on when suddenly there was a large but faint howling noise. The two giants slowly approached the edge of the city and took one large stomp with one foot each crushing anything below them and around. They both looked down at their feet and watched as the tiny furries below looked up and began running away. As they did the giants stomped with their other feet. Slowly they turned and slowly stomped through the small streets, smashing buildings as they went about. As they walked side by side Banryu bumped Danny at the hips making him fall sideways onto a building! Danny got up and bumped him back into a building at his side smashing it to pieces. Slowly they made their way towards the middle of the city, stomping and smashing everything in their path. As they reached the middle of the city Banryu let out a large, deep and booming howl as he smashed his way through a building. As it fell those below saw him coming out from the rubble stomping his way towards them and hastily ran away from him but were not able to escape the quick stomping of him. Ahead of him and in a block nearby was Danny who cheerfully pushed his way through a building and into the middle of the street. Watching the tiny furries running below him he slowly began to stomp his way down the streets, grabbing anything small in his way to crush, chew and put in his underwear for a tickle and arousal! Stomping through the city streets he saw Banryu smashing the tops of buildings and licking up everything inside them. Seeing him he stomped through the streets, smashing buildings with his tail and his hips as he did, towards Banryu. Hearing Danny coming towards him Banryu turned his head and looked at him licking his lips and fingers. “Ummm tasty!” said Banryu slowly with a smile and narrowed eyes. “You were right Banryu!” said Danny cheerfully “rampaging is fun!” Banryu turned to face Danny, smashing his body through the buildings as he did, smiling and giggling. “I told you!” said Banryu “Lets see who can smash the most buildings then!” The two giants walked close to each other and looked down the streets to see many buildings ahead of them, ready to be smashed and destroyed. “First one to smash their side of the street wins” said Banyru looking ahead. “May the best macro win!” Replied Danny looking at Banryu with a seductive smile. The two giants took one stomp back with one foot and a stomp forward with the other. They glanced and smiled at each other then quickly stomped through the city streets smashing everything in their path. With his left fist clentchd Banryu smashed his way through the buildings on the left of the street whilst Danny, holding his hand out flat swiped and smashed through the buildings on the right with his tail smashing though flattening the buildings as he did. As they reached the end of the street they stopped and finished smashing the buildings at the sides of them. “Wow you’re good at smashing stuff!” Said Banryu smiling at Danny panting heavily. “Not bad for my first time eh!” replied Danny panting heavily with his tail swiping the corner of a building.

After a few hours of rampaging through the city the two giants had completely smashed and crushed everything in the city. During that time Banyru filled up with tiny furs and tiny stuff along with some building rubble whilst Danny ate rubble and tiny stuff whilst putting handfuls of tiny furries into his underwear for sexual pleasure, even though many were able to slide out and down his legs. With nothing left to destroy or eat the two giants left the remains of the city and looked back at the damage they done. “So Danny” said Banryu smiling at Danny “what did you think of rampaging?” Danny looked at him and at the city with a smile on his face and his tail wagging. “To be honest with you…” said Danny “THAT WAS THE BEST TIME I’VE HAD AS A MACRO EVER!” Banryu smiled with excitement knowing that he had shown Danny the best time of his macro life. “So what you going to do now then Danny?” asked Banryu. Danny looked around and wondered what to do next. “I think after what we’ve done.” Said Danny “I…think we better lay low for a while. You know in case the tiny army come for us.” Banryu, looking at him, nodded in agreement. “Good idea” said Banryu “We should meet up again and do this again…or even have some ‘other fun’.” The two giants shook hands and embraced each other with their dicks becoming erect as the hugged. They then looked into each others eyes and tongue kissed and cuddled more. They fell to the ground with a huge boom and shake rolling around kissing and hugging with their dicks pressed tightly together. After a few minutes they got up, turned and made their own way again.

So that's how Danny went from goodie two shoes and into some bad boy boots! This is the first official pic I have of one of my macros going on a destructive rampage. It is a collaboration I got with my good friend and fellow macro Banryu and was done for us by Killerwolf1020 Killerwolf1020. The way it has come out is just perfect in every way. Our sizes, our underwear and our big bellies! My macros are good and nice deep down but of course now and again there is part of them that is true macro in a way. I will of course be getting some more macro pics, good or bad, naughty or nice. So be sure to keep an eye out and don't forget to fave the original and look up Banryu if you enjoy macro/micro as much as I do.

Artwork©2016 Killerwolf1020
Danny© nh63879
Banryu© Banryu

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