A bit stuck by nh63879

A bit stuck


4 December 2016 at 05:33:21 MST

So after a long time here is my latest pic showing Danny in all his might and size. Although it appears from this pic he's got himself into some trouble, but how did he end up like this? And how did he get out of it? Well it all started on a calm and quiet day when a big and hefty Danny was lying about looking at his big belly stroking and rubbing it, in boredom, that he smelt something in the distance. The smell was irresistible for him and he slowly got up and looked around to see where the smell was coming from. Unable to see where it was coming from he decided to use his big nose and look for it. He calmly walked across the ground crushing cars and everything in his path with his head up high, his nose pointing up and a smile on his face with a slight drooling of his lips. Following the scent he came towards a city and stopped outside of it to hear tiny screams from below and the sight of tiny ones running away. He glanced down and smiled then looked back up sniffing out the tasty smell. Focusing more on the smell he walked into the city crushing cars and swiping buildings with his tail and his belly unaware that he was heading straight towards some buildings close together! As he walked towards the buildings his body became wedged between the buildings! He looked at his sides and noticed he had got himself stuck! He looked down to see tiny furries running out of them and between his legs in panic and looked at them nervously then looked ahead and saw a helicopter hovering near him. He looked at it with a shy smile then looked at his sides to see he was stuck tight around his belly and his hips. He tried to squeeze through them, making them shake and crumble slightly, but was stuck tight. Seeing that he was not going to get out easily he placed his hands onto the sides of the two tall buildings at the sides of him and began to push them with all his might and strength but his overall size and mass was too much for them and his hands went through the buildings! Feeling and seeing his hands go through the buildings he pulled them out and thought what else he could do to get himself free. He then thought of pushing and pulling himself free this time and without hesitation grabbed the corners of the two buildings with both hands and began to pull them. At the same time he started wiggling his body and using his tail started to push and loosen himself. The buildings began to shake harder and crumble more as Danny started to free himself. With his eyes closed gritting his teeth and using all his gigantic strength he began to feel his body getting loose and pushed and pulled harder. As he started to become free he opened his eyes and looked to see he was coming unstuck and with one final push and pull got himself free! However as he got free he started to fall forwards! With his arms up high and his belly sticking out he crashed down onto the ground with a large thump and shake of the ground! He got himself up and looked down with a smile then shook himself down. Having got himself free he began to smell the unusual smell again and began to follow it, only this time he decided to walk through the streets and climb up and over the buildings this time! After going through the city he noticed the smell was stronger and stronger and knew he was close to it. Eventually he found out the smell was food! Following it he came towards a set of factories making food and stood near them licking his lips and wagging his tail. Those working there saw him standing there licking his lips and naturally began to run away and clear of him. Watching the tiny factories empty of workers Danny reached down and began to eat everything there! After he finished he patted his belly, now bigger than before, and let out a large belch. Feeling full and happy he then went on his way slowly where he came to an open space. Feeling full and tired he sat down and laid back down and relaxed, remembering to be careful when he goes into a city not to get stuck again!

So this latest pic is one done for me by the wonderful artist Nanukkluik who does incredible works and is one who I enjoy and would highly recommend. I will of course be having some more macro pics possibly around this time and definitely in next year. Including some more naughty pics for sure! So be sure to keep watching.

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