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From a big baby to a big boy by nh63879

From a big baby to a big boy


Now this is something I thought a lot about and decided to have as a pic of my big baby Adam. As cute as he is in diapers there is going to be some point when he's going to have to move on to pull-ups and then underwear. So anyway you're wondering if this was a decision made by Danny or by him? Well let me tell you.

There are of course always problems with a baby fur which any parent would know about but these are usually resolved with a bit of teaching and a lot of patience, such as eating solid food and walking as well as speaking and above all potty training. For a normal baby fur it’s naturally something they learn in time and mom and dad are able to handle that, although it’s not so easy when you’re the parents of a giant baby, especially if the baby is bigger than the parents and everything else, which was a big problem for the parents of one macro German Shepherd called Max!

With him and Danny taking responsibilities for a giant baby called Adam they’ve had a lot to deal with since they first took him into their care and there is a lot of things such as feeding, clothing etc and above all else is diaper changing! As the days and months went by it was becoming apparent that Adam was getting tired of wearing diapers all the time. Danny and Max would often see Adam tugging and pulling at his diaper a lot and looking cranky and moody. Even though Adam does tug and pull at his diaper it is usually for comfort and around the sides whereas now he was constantly pulling and tugging around the front and by the tabs on the sides with force as if to say he wanted to take it off altogether, although he liked them for the pretty pictures on them and the fact he had somewhere to put all the little things he liked! Danny and Max would do anything to keep him wearing his diapers. They would tell him why he needs to wear them, ask why he doesn’t like them and have even taken to wearing diapers themselves! Even if they are both potty trained and are fully grown adult giants, they’ve seemed to have found them just as fun to wear as much as underwear! Yet despite all of this they didn’t have much effect on keeping Adam wearing diapers and he continued to keep trying to remove them. He would try anything to take them off including parts of buildings and things around him. When it came to taking them off for changing and bathing Adam would feel happy and free and then start pouting and getting angry and fussy when it would come to putting a new one on and when he did have one on he would get grumpy and cry, with only Danny being big enough to comfort and calm him down again.

Then oddly enough after a night of sleep Max took off Adam’s diaper and was surprised to see that it was completely dry! For some reason Adam went through the night without having to be changed in the morning before or when he woke up. Whilst Adam was taking a long nap, Danny and Max talked about the problem of Adam not wanting to wear his diapers and always trying to take them off and what else they could do to keep him wearing them. When Adam woke up Max slipped into Adam’s diaper to check for leaks and the like and just like the night before Adam was completely dry! It was then that Danny and Max began to realise why Adam was constantly trying to take his diapers off, Adam was ready to be potty trained.

With Adam calmly sitting on the ground playing with some trees Danny and Max slowly approached him. Danny stood calmly behind Adam as a tiny Max walked up towards him. Adam turned around and looked up at Danny who in turn looked down at him smiling. “Hey big critter!” Shouted Max looking up at a giant Adam who turned to look down at him “Can I come and play with you?” Adam just looked at Max and carried on fiddling with the trees with a moody and pouty face. “What’s the matter big fella? Don’t you want to play with me? Hmmm? Don’t you want to put me in your diaper?”. It was with that word that Adam’s mood suddenly changed and he began to whimper and then cry. Max rushed straight up to Max and hastily climbed up his diaper towards his belly fur and began patting and rubbing it. Seeing Adam whimper and cry Danny kneeled down and put his hand on top of Adams head then stroked it slowly and with his other hand he placed it on Adam’s chest stroking it gently and slowly. “Awww it’s okay.” Said Danny calmly as he stroked Adams head and chest. “There’s no need to cry. Tiny Max and big big Danny will make it all better for you” Adam then stood up and cuddled up tightly to Danny, unaware Max was in his diaper! He then took a step back and look up at Danny still looking sad and whimpering. “Now what’s making you so sad eh? Is it…your teeth?” Adam shook his head slowly as it was not this “Is it…your shoes?” Adam shook his head again as Danny calmly looked at him and smiled “I know what it is. It’s your…diapers.” Adam nodded his head and rubbed his eyes and wiped away some tears from his eyes at the same time. “Don’t you like them anymore?” Again Adam shook his head then tugged at the back of his diaper and his tail. “Aww…why don’t you like them anymore? Are they too small for you?” Adam nodded as he looked at Danny “Awww….” Danny then looked down at Adam’s diaper to see Max in there and calmly smiled at him followed by a quick wink. Max winked back to Danny and waved his arm up to Danny. Danny pulled Max out of Adam’s diaper and placed him on top of Adam’s head where he in turn looked directly at Danny and gave him another wave. Danny in turn narrowed his eyes and smiled back at him and then at Adam. Both Danny and Max now knew that it was time to potty train Adam.

“Hey Danny!” Shouted Max waving his arm to get Danny’s attention “What’s the matter with our big baby?” Hearing Max shout, Adam looked up at his head to see Max on top of him, which did help him calm down a little. “Well Max.” Said Danny in a loud and deep booming voice “It seems like big Adam here doesn’t like diapers anymore.” Feeling uneasy Adams eyes began to water again with a few tears running down his cheeks and face at which point Danny brushed his hands over Adams face wiping away the tears whilst Max hastily moved over towards one of Adams ears where upon getting there he started to stroke it as a way of calming him down. After a few minutes of comforting and soothing Adam was now calm again yet grumpy and moody. “Adam doesn’t like diapers anymore?” Asked Max as Adam listened closely feeling slightly sleepy now. “Yeah.” Said Danny “It looks like Adam is growing up and is ready to be a really ‘really’ big boy now.” Hearing the word ‘big’ Adam’s grumpy and pouty mood started to lift and he started to smile meaning that Danny and Max’s plan to help get Adam potty trained was working. “Wow!” Shouted Max “Adam wants to be a big boy now! But what is he going to wear instead of a diaper now?” Danny then stood up and with one hand rubbed his chin pretending to think even though he knew the answer. “Hmmm” said Danny “Well Adam is not ready to wear underwear like we do…and he doesn’t want to wear diapers anymore….I know just the thing Adam can wear.” “What’s that Danny?” Asked Max excitedly getting Adam’s attention. “Pull-ups” Replied Danny. “They’re just the thing for big boys like Adam. They fit like big boy underwear and protect like a diaper but they don’t look like them. And they have pretty pictures on them like Adams paw patrol diapers. And the pictures on them stay there when they’re dry and magically disappear when the pull ups are wet.” “They sound great for a growing boy like Adam.” Said Max “But does Adam really wan’t to give up wearing diapers and be a big boy now?” Danny looked down at Adam and gave him smiled at him then kneeled down to his height. “What do you wan’t to do big fella?” Asked Danny calmly “Do you wan’t to wear pull ups? Learn all about the potty? And be a really really big boy?” Adam looked at Danny and gave a faint smile and nodded his head. With that Danny wrapped his arms around Adam and gave him a big hug whilst Max grew slightly big enough to get down off Adam safely. Once on the ground he grew to the same size of Danny and joined Danny in giving Adam a hug and praising him for making a really big decision.

After one final day and night in diapers Adam woke up the next day to find Danny taking his diaper off for the last time. Danny got Adam up and on his feet where he looked to see behind him was Max with his hands behind his back. Giving a calm smile Max brought his hands to the front and showed Adam some pull ups with paw patrol on them and red elastic, fabric, sides. “Awww” said Adam as he pointed at the pull ups in Max’s hand. “Do you want to try them on big boy?” asked Danny. Adam giggled and smiled then nodded his head. Holding them up Adam got one leg in and stomped it on the ground as he did and did the same with the other leg. With his new pull ups on Danny took Adam by the hand and Max took Adam by the other hand and all together they walked on, and talked all about the potty and all about potty training. They soon walked towards some towns and onto a city for Adam to show the little furs that he was now a big ‘big’ boy now, and to pick out some new toys and things to put in his new pull ups now!

So this is how and why a big baby like Adam took the first steps into becoming a big boy by moving on from giant diapers to wearing big boy underwear now. This is a lovely pic done for me by Lizab who I will be going back to again later on to see about another follow up pic to my series of pics showing a baby Max going from small to gigantic and the problems faced with being a big baby. And there will be a pic of him in his new big boy undies coming soon so keep an eye out.

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