A big fall by nh63879

A big fall


21 August 2016 at 08:51:27 MDT

So now here is my latest macro pic featuring my macro wolf Christian who is still in the prime of his life here and has still a lot to learn about the micro world.

With still a lot to learn about the micro world Christian was eager to explore more and wondered where he could see them. Having got himself recognized as a gentle macro he decided that he was going to go into a city again to see more micros in their day to day life. This time those in the city were well aware that there was a macro around who is gentle and friendly that wanted to see them. Before he even got to the city, preparations were well under way for his arrival. The main streets were completely cleared of everyone and everything and a rout cleared from the outskirts on one side to the other so that when he would come there wouldn’t be any sort of damage or chaos. As Christian began to walk down to the city he noticed ahead of him was a large sign on a billboard welcoming him and telling him to follow the empty road into the city.

As those in the city began to think he wouldn’t come there was a loud booming sound and shake of the ground. Some looked up to see a large shadow approaching and could see the giant wolf walking towards them. As he got into the city the crowds below began to cheer and jump in delight at seeing him. He in turn looked down, as he walked, to smile and wag his tail in delight of the warm welcome he was being given. As he reached the intersection of the street he stopped to pose and flex for the crowds with a smile. However as he turned to walk down again his foot landed onto a police car in front of him! He felt himself loose balance and waved his arms out to the sides hoping to steady himself but was too late to do so and began to fall back. The crowds looked to see him falling in began to run away and clear of him as his head landed back onto the top of a building followed shortly by the rest of his body. With his arms still out he slammed one arm onto a building at his side get a grip and hopefully pull himself up but was not able to. The building behind him began to crumble from the top and middle as the giant fell on it eventually falling down with the giant! Christian then sat up and looked behind him to see what had happened and then to the crowds below. He looked at them with an embarrassed look on his face and giggled at what had happened.

Seeing nobody hurt he than moved himself forwards into the middle of the street where the crowds gathered around to meet him and feel his big soft body. After being given a few trucks full of food and water he then got up to walk out again and on his way again, only to come back a few weeks later with his fellow macro and young friend Danny the giant husky.

Anyway this is a wonderful pic I got on commission from Iudicium_86 on FA who I noticed was open a while ago and after seeing some incredible macro pics and a lot of other great stuff I had to get a pic from them. I do of course intend to keep up with macro pics of a more adult nature of course and some more gentle ones for those who enjoy them as much as my normal macro content.

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      Thanks. I think that's the beauty of a loincloth at the end of the day.