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Heya all I’m Hex a friendly rubber dragon! Yep that’s right a big ol’ rubbery toy who just loves to be squeaky and shiny! Wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m a bit of a go with the flow dragon so if you want to chat hit me up in notes or chill and check out my gallery. You never know what might tickle your interests!
I’m a self-taught artist who loves to draw a variety of things ranging from clean fan art all the way through to extremely kinky fetish works. So chances are there is something on this page that you might enjoy! I’m particularly fond of inflatables, rubber and latex and find it pretty relaxing just to kick back and shade those surfaces. Although being a squeaker myself I imagine you guessed I like that stuff. I also have some quite heavy kinks and am pretty open about them so be warned there might be the occasional extreme pic. Oh and that collar around my neck, well it's kinda cursed. If you snap a tag of some kind on to it, it causes me to transform according to the tag. Tag says pink? I turn pink, different species, different materials, different genders anything goes and I can't remove the tags by myself. Kinda fun for a curse though!

As a warning this gallery is going to contain both clean and fetish work I know a lot of folks like to create separate accounts for things like this, but this page and the art I create is part of me and by extension so are the things I’m in to. So my gallery, along with any interaction with me, should paint a good picture of the kind of fur I am and I hope most folks can accept and choose to hang around on this dragons page

So here are a few highlights about me:

I am:
Male | A Rubber Dragon | 31 | Demisexual(but I have a female preference) | single & looking

I like:
Gaming | Science Fiction | Fantasy | History | Art | Science | Rainy days | Chillstep | Animation | Horror movies | Pizza | The smell of rubber

My hobbies:
Video games | Board and tabletop Games | Creating Art | Collecting Lego | Pokemon TCG

But I am also a:
Geek | Brony | Furry | Gamer | wannabe archaeologist/historian | Art lover | Lover of spicy foods

And tend to be:
Very easy going and talkative | A procrastinator | A night owl

My fetishes:
Pooltoys and inflatables | Scat, toiletplay and diapers | Latex and rubber | Transformation | Bondage including heavier stuff | Petplay | Master/Slave | Humiliation | Hooves | Goo | Messy stuff | Ferals

TELEGRAM: Mythichex

Thanks for taking the time to visit this squeakers page, don’t feel shy if you want to leave a comment or some such that kind of support is always appreciated! Anyways, rambling dragon is rambling so I best let you get on with your day!



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