Goodra: New Generation, New Fave by MythicHex

Goodra: New Generation, New Fave


5 August 2019 at 12:54:39 MDT

Old Art

A few years ago, towards the xmas holidays I treated myself to a 3DS and Pokemon X. It was the first handheld I'd owned in quite a while and it had been over a decade since I played any pokemon game. I used to be quite big into it back when pokemania first hit. Played through the originals repeatedly and stopped somewhere after crystal. With them taking the leap into 3D the lure was too strong and after an hour or so in the game I fell back in love with the franchise. I spent well over 200 hours in it. I'd done no research before hand so everything was fresh, so imagine my surprise when a Sligoo I had caught suddenly evolved into one the cutest fully evolved pokemon I'd ever seen. I fell immediately in love with Goodra's design to the point that it dethrone Charizard as my series favourite. Now, after i finished Omega Ruby, my interest in the franchise is stronger than ever and of course art is a byproduct of that! Not to mention Pokemon turns 20 this year! Hard to believe it's been that long!

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