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on 21 August 2015 at 17:48:59 MDT

Okay so here's the deal. Im... not going to have enough money to pay the bills by the end of the month that I need to. I need about $200 at the very least. That will cover bills and such, but I may have to scrounge for food for a few weeks so $300 would be better, but im hoping to at least make $200.

SO im offering PWYW commissions. The more you offer, the more you get, whether it be multiple images, a big image. Hell, Im even willing to take on a ref sheet right now if you're interested. Just let me know what you're willing to offer and we'll talk! I will be off sunday through tuesday so I may even be able to stream for you if you'd like.

Another way you can help is by checking out my fiance, miss_ankoku's work on FA. She is taking commissions as well AND has an etsy shop, which consists of handmade harry potter-inspired wands, spell book decorations, hair feathers, bookmarks and more! She can make custom anything as well, so go give her shop a peek

If you cant offer anything, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to comment here or send me a note!

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    nuzzles hope things are okay with you :)

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      Hey, man! Sorry for the delayed response. I've had very little down time lately, unfortunately x.x We had another surge of people leaving at work that has essentially left us with only 2 people (including me) in my position, where we usually have 5-6. BUT, Im good, just a bit exhausted at this point xD How are you doing??

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        Oh jeez..that doesn't sound too fun x3 You never have any free time do you? D: No real free time at least x3
        I am doing good as well! Can't complain :)
        Btw, you don't happen to have Telegram do you? :3

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          Very little free time xD and the free time I do have is essentially used sleeping and recuperating for the next wave...
          And glad to hear you're doing well!
          As for telegram, I don't have it at the moment, though I have been considering it recently. I may look into it the next time I get a chance :)

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            Would be nice being able to talk live so to say. But I wont push you about it or anything! ^_^
            Btw, I've been thinking about the picture I commissioned almost a year ago, you don't need to draw it anymore. You're busy enough as it is with life and whatnot, I don't want to you to have that on your mind, as well. :)

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              Just got home and downloaded the app! Not sure how to add people yet, but my username on there is spacewoof :)

              Omg, as for the commission, has it really been that long?? ;w; I feel so bad, you're so sweet. Omg I'm so sorry it's taken this long. I will still draw you something eventually! Thanks so much for being so patient with me through all of this.

              Definitely add me on telegram! Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out within the next few days :)

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    I keep commenting on all of your stuff. :p Your art is just too cute and I love it! Absolutely following.

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      Thank you!! :)