Just your average dude, except not at all.

Currently im an honors psychology major with a minor in anthropology, and I specialize in gender and sexuality. Im also an LGBTQ advocate, activist, and mentor.

I'm a bearpok, or a hybrid of a bear and a yapok. I'm semi-aquatic, flightless, and yes I have a man pouch. No, you cannot go inside it.

I am in the process of making my own fursuit, after which I may open for fursuit commissions. Keep an eye out for progress! :9



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Getting Desparate

on 1 April 2017 at 20:24:40 MDT

Hey guys, so I'm in a pretty rough situation here. Because I'm still looking for a job, I've been running up my debts, so any money I make goes toward my phone bill and/or rent right now. Because of this, I haven't been able buy my medication. However, I'm in a position now where if I can find the extra money, I can actually use it to buy my meds.

This is important because I've been off my HRT for two months now and some things are beginning to reverse. I need to make 100$ ASAP to buy all of my medication, or 50$ to get my HRT stuff.

To help me make this money I'm pushing hard for commissions and also selling my Intuos CTH-480 manga tablet with the wireless kit installed (Gently used, fully functional) for $100 CAD. What I need from you, if you are unable to help financially, is to please share this journal around to help me make this money.


Thanks for reading and/or sharing!

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    hello! I'm brand new to this website, an like, how long have you been here, is it a good place (better than deviant art) and how easy is it to use?

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      I've been using this site for a while now and it's by far my favorite art site. I prefer it to deviantart because my stuff is much more likely to get noticed on the front page and the community is much more chatty/friendly here. It's pretty easy to use, I find it much easier than any alternative. Settings are easy to find and change, it's easy to upload art/music/literature, and I enjoy how organized this site lets me be with my art.

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        this place sounds awesome, everyone who I've asked has good feelings towards it. also, it has a ton of rules, which is great, cause that means stuff stays in order. I'm gonna completely migrate over here ^ ^

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    Hello, hello :>