I'm a huge fan of blueberry inflation (and yes I do like it for sexual reasons.) I've had this fetish for over 10 years now (Since June 2007). Sure the word "Sex" can turn people off but that's how I am. I'm a full grown adult and not a minor as I use to. But I don't go over sexual because that's disgusting (No seriously, it's disgusting). But besides Blueberry inflation I'm a person that is open to other people or want to have a talk with me. I can only Role-Play Blueberry inflation as I'm the master behind that one (Other RPs, you need to teach me how it all goes because I will have no clue how to get from Point A to Point B). Nevertheless, in my spare time I do emulation, video edit, upload to Bitchute, play video games, film, photography, interest in claymation, politics, and most of all, snacking. Either way if you feel like chatting to me, drop by a note and we can have a conversation on anything you want. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: I'm not worried about the rule as I use to in the past. I haven't been able to post stories here yet. But I will in the near future.

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Thinking About Posting Stories Here

on 10 October 2018 at 14:01:13 MDT

I've been thinking for a while of posting blueberry inflation mature stories here (since not many tend to post mature blueberry inflation anymore). Once I finish the stories, I'll have to convert them in PDF files and upload them here (and they're very long stories by the way). It's a quick update to give you guys a heads up of what I'm doing, but I've been so busy mirroring videos to Bitchute I don't have time to sit down for 1 to 5 hours typing up or fixing the stories made on blueberry inflation.

Thank you and have a great day/night.

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    Random journal favorite x3 A bit strange, but I'm glad it was seen/read! <3 Thank you!

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      I favorite things so I don't lose them. If I ever want to go back to it years from now, at least I favorite it so it's not lost.

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    Thanks for the favorite, mate! I hope you enjoy the series when you get around to it <3

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      and Thank you for the comment brother. =3 I'll get to it at some point. Although I am an author myself and I do write books myself. Although you may not like it so much due to my fetish.