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I am a younge adult man child that spend most of his day coding, drawing, or wasting the day playing video games with friends ive known sence birth. There isnt a lot more to say about me, I dont talk a lot, i havnt been through much any trama. But Ill go ahead and just finish this mini bio by saying, looking foward to working for yall. Either it be a commisison, trade, or just general request

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Changes to Come (Must Read)

Hello! Tyzeroth here. I wanted to go ahead and wright this out for a few reasons. As at the moment, I am currently catching up on a few YCH slots, Commissions, and Adopt sendoffs. As I am working on them. I have decided to change a few things when it comes to my approach on the artwork and how I am presenting it to you. What do I mean? For starters, I will be closing any and all YCH and Raffles that happened before this post. This however does not mean if you already have a slot, you wont be getting your art. I'm still working on that, very soon, if no right after posting. The adopt give away raffles will be given out by Wednesday as well so anyone that has been looking forward to seeing that finally, will be given the opportunity, as promised, but you can no longer apply for these send offs.

The Official Commission page is also being worked on, decided simply to explain a margarine of price using a sort of base to cut out sections of an image and explain how much the commission will be depending on how much you want. From as simple as a head shot to a fill illustration. I will also be offering experimental commissions witch will be greatly cheaper then the normal one. This will be one of the few ways you can directly support me, or encourage me to try new things.

The Exclusive YCH Raffles are returning every Friday, and will last 5 days. Ending on the next week on Wednesday so that I can working on creating the next YCH and sending out the winners of the previous YCH. If I can stay on top of this, the adopt raffle give away will also make a return in the form of Monstercards (This is subject to change). That way I can contunie working on the new lineless arts style and shading style I have come to love over the last few months.

Halloween is on its way! So that means I will be posting a Raffle that will be extremely vague but have a daily winner count. As Halloween is my most favored hollow day, and the fact I did it last year, I cant wait to start it, and might post the raffle a day early. This raffle will be posted on all of my medias, and while the raffle itself will tell you, but there will be a daily winner, and a daily post of the raffle winners. So make sure you keep an eye on that.

Saturdays and Sundays will be very slow days as these are days I need to work. So posts during these days will either be reposts, or simply none existent, because I will be spending most of the time away from my computer, and out working for rent money so that I may keep providing you with as much art as I have been <3

Twitch is returning, Ill stream every Wednesday starting in October

Lastly. This isn't much of a change but rather a reminder. The game I am working on called U-Turned. Is almost finished and only required some minor fixed, tweaks, and bug fixes. as well as general visuals before its official release onto for free! If the game gets more then 10 downloads, I will start on my next game witch ill be more based on story telling and have minor RPG elements

Thank you so much for taking the moment to read out this long email sized post, as well as working with me so far. I want to personally make a shout out for a few people who have stuck with me for a while, and despite my recent rough patches still show their love and support.

My patrons are (You can join here):
Eliha Syndicate
The Most Toast
Artemy B

But I also want to give a special thanks to:
Git-It (DA)
Hoeen_Otaku (FA)
MangoOrange (FA)
DirgofSwans (DA)
Medic_Glaceon (FA)

Once again thank you everyone else as well for the continues support and love I have been getting recently! It means more then words can ever describe and I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of the year!

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