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Slideshow Player: Definitely not another surprise project TM by Mircea

Slideshow Player: Definitely not another surprise project TM


27 July 2018 at 06:42:41 MDT

Surely I have not been working on yet another secret project... have I? Admittedly I've been having fun with something new those past few months. Figured that now the project is stable enough to declare it open for public use.

Slideshow Player is a simple tool that runs in your web browser, creating realtime image slideshows using sources from various art sites. Just type in a list of keywords and tweak the parameters, refresh the settings to fetch the image list, then hit play and enjoy your slideshow! The lower panel displays information about each image, such as author data and a link that takes you to the original submission page (when this info is available). The slideshow can be manually navigated as well as paused. You can customize the keywords to be used, whether NSFW art should be enabled, image count, the duration between images, and whether to loop or shuffle the slideshow. Sources currently include e621, Inkbunny, and Derpibooru.

Technical stuff: The core functionality was made possible thanks to certain art sites providing a simple and effective API, which makes image list fetching doable straight from the web browser. The script uses a JSON object generated by a customized URL that calls the site's API, which contains the data of every image matching the given keywords... thanks to JSONP support, this object can then be executed and processed locally. The rest is a matter of embedding images into two elements and using them to achieve the fade effect. The images are not reuploaded in any form, this is done locally by the browser similarly to browsing submissions on their respective websites. The player is also network efficient, pulling each image from the server only as it's about do be displayed... preload time is added to the wait duration so that viewers barely notice any difference while the next image is being loaded.

I started this project in the wake of Youtube's mass persecution against artists, which prompted me to move my videos to DTube and take other actions against censorship. A lot of people who created furry or vore art slideshows had their channels wiped out overnight due to trolls abusively reporting them and triggering YT's broken algorithms. This was in part my way of bringing those slideshows back, in an even better format which gives the viewer realtime control over each slideshow.

The entire project is licensed under the Public Domain license, meaning you can do whatever you please with it. It runs entirely in the browser so no server-side scripting is required: Just open index.html locally or place the bundle on any webserver and enjoy! You can currently use it from Github Pages and of course download its source from Github to fork the project:

Like most of my art and code projects, this was only made possible thanks to your support on Patreon. If you want to see this project and more interesting stuff move forward, please consider pledging even a small amount! I'm still in need of your help and even 1$ extra is greatly appreciated.

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