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Point Of No Return source pack announcement by Mircea

Point Of No Return source pack announcement


20 July 2018 at 06:19:25 MDT

I'm planning to post my second and last remaining art source pack, the vorish Point Of No Return series. The rules are the same as last time: The post will be made during the first month in which the 400$ goal is successfully processed, after which it will be available to the 10$ tier for a limited amount of time until it goes public. The sources are xcf (Gimp) files and allow you to easily remix those images if you wish to create your own modified versions. I'm releasing all images in the series as CC-BY-SA meaning you're free to edit and repost them granted you credit me.

From this point on, I'm likely going to attach sources directly to my art submissions on Patreon, which means they will be available almost immediately after a drawing is published. This will of course be the case for as long as the target is met for that month. Currently I'm roughly 5$ short of this target once more, so if you'd like change that and secure this goal for next month feel free to offer even a tiny 1$ pledge:

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