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Art source release announcement by Mircea

Art source release announcement


27 March 2018 at 09:03:29 MDT

Two months ago I announced new ongoing goals as part of an overhaul for my Patreon page. As a reminder, the new rules are as follows: While I'm over 400$, I'll be additionally uploading art and animation sources for Gimp and Blender... and while I'm over 600$, I will be offering whole game demos for small games if they aren't already hosted on a public Git repository.

This month I prepared the first reward for the 400$ goal: I will be posting the sources of all my recent art, ranging from 2013 to 2018. The sources are in xcf format as Gimp is my image editor of choice. They will be exclusive to the 10$ tier for early access, but will go public afterward so that everyone can have them. Just like the images in cause, the sources are licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0 to me (MirceaKitsune), meaning you can edit and repost them as you please without having to ask for my permission, the only request being that you credit me and share your resulting work under the same license.

Note that the "Point of no return" series is not included in this specific package. That's because I plan on posting its sources separately since it's a series of its own. I'm planning another post for this purpose sometime in the following months.

The package will be available next month if the 400$ goal is processed this month. Currently it's unclear whether that will happen: I seem to be at exactly 400$ at the moment. If such is not the case, this source pack will be delayed for the first month in which the goal goes through... for instance, I'll post it on May if the goal is met on April.

I know some of you may hate me advertising and I definitely understand it. However I need to stay over 400$ to be able to pay my bills and buy food, and thus continue working on all of my projects... I can't afford ending up in the same situation as last winter. For one reason or another I always drop back down below this threshold, and since my projects are free I need to offer alternative rewards to keep me afloat! If you want this source pack to make it next month, please consider chipping in before the 1st of April to secure this goal.

Once more I have a lot of things planned for next month. This includes a new photorealistic render for Easter, another major milestone for Vore Tournament, and other things I may be working on this April! Stay tuned for more to come.

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