Vore Tournament - Voreception Update by Mircea

Vore Tournament - Voreception Update


23 March 2018 at 09:23:52 MDT

Today I'm happy to bring you a very fun change for Vore Tournament, which will be available in version 2.0.1 upon its release. It's the first time this feature is ever implemented, it has never existed in either the old VT nor the new 2.0 mod. Some of you might remember this funny little code comment from way back:

// don't allow voreception (a player inside a player inside another player)

That comment has now been changed, and so has the reality behind it: Voreception is now possible and enabled by default! Implementing it wasn't hard as this was disabled arbitrarily out of fear that it may break things... I removed the limitation and tested, and it turns out there are no negative side effects to not removing prey from other prey! Here are the differences between the past and present functionalities:

  • Old functionality: You could not have prey in your stomach as long as you were the prey of another player yourself. Predators could still be eaten by other predators, however their prey was instantly regurgitated and walked free the moment the pred got swallowed.
  • New functionality: Predators now keep their prey after being eaten, meaning you can be sitting in another player's stomach while having prey in your own stomach. If you regurgitate your prey inside someone's stomach, the prey will be transferred to your predator and joins you as a belly neighbor. Note that the stomach kicks you receive from your prey don't transfer to your predator as either force nor damage, although they will deal damage to you as usual.

The screenshot showcases this change in action: As you can see, the player is inside a stomach, but also has their own stomach bulging out. The stomach HUD panel in the lower-left corner of the screen also shows the stack accordingly... in this case I was eaten by Anthro Felidae Female, while my prey are Anthro Felidae Male and Anthro Lupine Herm.

Another major improvement is currently in testing and will be announced soon, stay tuned! Other notable changes since my last update include:

  • Predators may eat dead prey laying on the ground. Note that this is only enabled in theory, the trace may fail due to Xonotic disabling collision boxes on dead bodies.
  • Don't take damage from external projectiles if prey, unless the attacker is a neighboring prey.
  • Fix the vore flash showing while prey was being healed.
  • Truly fix predator progress getting stuck in some rare circumstances. The pred ring is now copied separately instead of being set by the prey.
  • Proper branding for the menu and console, which now have the Vore Tournament logo just like the loading screen.

I have to remind everyone this is a Patreon project; If you enjoy those updates and want to see more, I still need your support! Working alone on such a project is anything but easy as much as I love doing it... especially while struggling with a still very nasty financial situation which isn't making it easier to put effort into it. Please chip in anything amount you can if you're willing to help: In return I'll have quite a few nice things ready for you all next month, pinkie promise :)