Welcome to our page. It's nice to see you here! There isn't much yet but hopefully that'll grow over time. We're the Migimemancers, a system of 6 [sometimes nicknamed the 'six-sided die' for this reason] who are doing our furry journey together*1.

Currently only Scarlet is the one posting art but that will also change over time. Hopefully soon we'll all have reference sheets for our fursonas as well but design and art takes a lot of time.

--Code Names--

and their base descriptions

Scarlet - Eldritch horror / Android with fae traits
Gold - Silver Tenko
Silver - Water/Goo spirit with shark traits
Black - Draconic Fox
Blue - Serval with glitch traits
Green - Mystic raven

*1 Together as per insisted by the person who is in charge and takes care of our physical and mental health. And we are doing our best to follow the advice given. No pretending to be one, we must all acknowledge each other.


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Forbidden Light Pokemon Challenge!

on 27 May 2018 at 00:25:42 MDT

Hello everyone it's Scarlet. I'm doing a little digital art challenge for myself to help me do more art, explore a new medium I don't have experience in, and just to try new things and branch out. I'm calling it my Forbidden Light Pokemon Challenge!

I got a Forbidden Light elite trainer box of Pokemon cards and what I'm going to be doing is drawing the pokemon I get from the packs as though I'm 'catching' them. A fun thing since who knows what I'll get!

Then once I'm done with all the packs I'm gonna work on building a deck with what I got and build a trainer to be the user of the deck for some extra fun and make art around that.

It's a cool project I think which would make a lot of fun out of getting cards more than just the enjoyment of seeing what I get, building the deck, and battling with it. I'm making it a huge multi area experience!

I guess we'll see how this goes as I do it. I thought typing up a journal on what I'm doing will be easier than trying to explain things every time I post a picture relating to this since instead I can just link here.

Time to start my Pokemon journey!

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