Forbidden Light Pokemon Challenge! by Migimemancer

Hello everyone it's Scarlet. I'm doing a little digital art challenge for myself to help me do more art, explore a new medium I don't have experience in, and just to try new things and branch out. I'm calling it my Forbidden Light Pokemon Challenge!

I got a Forbidden Light elite trainer box of Pokemon cards and what I'm going to be doing is drawing the pokemon I get from the packs as though I'm 'catching' them. A fun thing since who knows what I'll get!

Then once I'm done with all the packs I'm gonna work on building a deck with what I got and build a trainer to be the user of the deck for some extra fun and make art around that.

It's a cool project I think which would make a lot of fun out of getting cards more than just the enjoyment of seeing what I get, building the deck, and battling with it. I'm making it a huge multi area experience!

I guess we'll see how this goes as I do it. I thought typing up a journal on what I'm doing will be easier than trying to explain things every time I post a picture relating to this since instead I can just link here.

Time to start my Pokemon journey!

Forbidden Light Pokemon Challenge!


27 May 2018 at 00:25:42 MDT

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