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An artistic lynx with a knack for worldbuilding. I go by Tasse and I am an illustrator and a concept artist for games. He/his. Determinator, knitter, worldbuilder and mischief-maker.

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Art Fight 2021

I will be participating in Art Fight 2021 on Team Steampunk. Though I probably won't have enough time to do spectacular attacks, I'll do my best to answer any attack I get (and I've bookmarked a few characters on the site that I've found interesting). If you're participating too and would like some art, comment here and I'll take a look at your characters! This is my first time doing this.

Later this week I'll fill out the art template for it, but I mostly draw animals (feral or anthropomorphic) as well as original species and mythical creatures. Doesn't mean I won't give other types of characters, i.e. cyborgs, a try though, if ya would like me to.

Currently I have some of my Wildlands characters up on the site and I might upload a few others as well, we'll see. Here's my profile:

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    Hey, thank you for following! :3 Your art is beautiful -

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      No problem, and thank you!

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    Hi! I just wanted to drop by and say that I really love your art style. It is really cute and unique. I watched you a while ago (like a couple years ago, and wasn't active for a bit since I wasn't really online and also didn't go back to Weasyl for a while) but I never really said anything since I'm a bit shy like that. But keep up the good work, I always look forward to seeing more art from you! :D

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      Thank you, that means a lot! I'm glad you like the art, and I've really appreciated your support all this time! :D

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    Thank you so much for the follow! <3

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    Thank you for following me! I appreciate it! :3

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    Thank you for the fave and follow!