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Strangers to Sisters+ by MentalCrash

Strangers to Sisters+


12 August 2020 at 12:14:35 MDT

Had been meaning to do this combined version of the Strangers to Sisters set for a while, adding in the sixth stage I drew. As well as patching up some minor things I disliked in one of the panels.

This set was commissioned by SomariaMoon, starring both of us exchanging ages several times back and forth, first with me turning Milf mode and Somaria turned into a baby, then she gets to be the mom, then she's a little ballerina child and I'm normal age, then she's normal age and now I'm the little girl, then we finally reach a balance and both of us end up as teenagers, me as a nerd girl and Somaria as a cheerleader.

Here you can see the separate panels:

Proper Care
Pampered Revenge
She's a Natural
Bedtime Tale
Unexpected Sisterhood
An Acceptable Excuse

There were two more additions to this set, but the direct sequel was drawn by Flechitas, and you can see it here.

Somaria commissioned another sequel afterwards which I drew, but since I hadn't drawn the seventh step I didn't want to steal faves off other person's work, you can see 8th and final (so far) stage of the set here.


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