Stream Batch 32-1 - AGW 1.9 - Sporty Girlification by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 32-1 - AGW 1.9 - Sporty Girlification


21 August 2020 at 16:35:59 MDT

So here are at last the canvases from the latest sketch stream event, Sporty Girlification!

The 11th of the AGW Events, the other ones being:

-Hex Maniac
-Big Sisterification
-Girl Scoutification

This one was "Tested" by Redmond17, more than once:
A Pair of Sports Handicaps
Sports Balances
Couch Potato to Court Smasher

And once again I've beaten a personal record, this time with the amount of characters, 25 in a single batch is the largest amount to date :T

Lots of muscular girls too, I don't tend to draw them but I can imagine those attracted to stronk muscle girls will be happy with this batch ;>

1º GreenCanaryBird and Redmond17 got the first pic in the batch, Vanessa, looking really different from her usual self, lifting weights while taunting Brittany, is this a good idea though? Vanessa seems too confident :v
2º lordtombond got Tammy and Diva doing water beach sports, Tammy (formerly Tom) got TFTGed into a swimmer, while Diva became a volleyball player.
3º LyhokoLeaci got Yuno, seemingly fat nerd Yuno, into an outstandingly strong weightlifter.
4º theheroofdarkness got something seemingly unconvential for this batch, a Cheerleader, with the only bottle in pink, mmmmmmm... And what is that uniform about? Those colours, those letters, oooooooh o3o
5º Kakae1459 got their OC Kakae turned into an extra t h i c c, Disney Pixar Mom Level super cute Yogi. Of course splits would be difficult with those thunder thighs :V
6º Jezza and Foxxa went out for a jog, but it seems like Jezza is taking it much better than pudgy lil' Syna, a lioness outrunning a tigress, what has the world come to?
7º SomariaMoon and Mistress-Gonzy turned into a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery busty Tennis players, wouldn't that be kind of a hindrance... Mmm... Wait, what is it with Kevin? He... Well, SHE normally doesn't have that hair colour, or that eye colour, or that star mark, and that bottle in her bag has a misterious cap... Somaria, what are you up to?
8º Nassley got themselves turned into a big mclarge huge heavy weight lifter gal, with a subtle something in between her thighs. Run Viperwing, run away before you end up getting sat on.

The Second Canvas