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Stream Batch 31-2 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 31-2


Second canvas of the latest Stream Batch, quite a bunch of chibis this time, as well as several POV shots :>

1º Animal-Delos Got to test what happens when you bite a Mini Mushroom while wearing a Super Crown, a rather predictable outcome, why do you look so surprised?
... Man, at that size that drop is gonna hurt, even with that padding.
2º TheHeroOfDarkness in her shark form, aka Tiamat, swapped necklaces with me, causing some... Well, this is an unexpected result, Tiamat turned into me, 100%, I turned into a shark girl version of myself? Y tho? 0:
Not that I mind it that much I guess, except maybe for the status of my clothes, but that shark bod is smoking >3>
But she wasn't used to being a human girl, you know I like to go with permanent TFs though, don't you? :y
3º Viperwing Quite simply asked for a TG POV pic, now having to call herself Marianne, while Nassley and I argue about her off screen. I mean I wasn't spying on her, and even if I did who could have resisted staring at that bod... I mean... Only if I had been staring.
4º XXLPlakat commissioned a new addition to the Heads or Tails set, with her majesty sporting some magnificent warrior halberd and armour... Though it's kinda tight, but at that size it's kinda hard to find anything that fits I guess :3c
5º deviantsnarkel Like Viperwing, Snarkel also got themselves a TG POV, seems like these are becoming quite the rage uh? :y
6, ALTº BioniclePokemonFan16 Got a new addition to the Mi'qote Girl Scoutification set, this is my absolute favourite type of outcome for a transformation, a strong and stern looking warrior adventurer turns into a lil' Girl Scout, tries going on with their life of adventuring but slowly realizes they may prefer their new life better, and so she ends up going back to sell cookies, not only that but with two versions since that hat with the feather still looks great on her >~<
7º Redmond17 commissioned the final pic of this batch, a new sporty girl pic, this time being Sandy Reswald, going from slouchy and rather lazy looking to eagerly ready tennis player :v but boy oh boy what is that she's drinking? Brittany! What is that bottle she just crushed? We need to take a closer look!

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