Sketch Batch 15-2 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 15-2


10 December 2019 at 09:09:17 MST

Second canvas of the latest from sunday and monday night's sketch stream

1º Nassley HAS FUCKING SHOT ME WITH WAIFU-O-MATIC GUN! WHAT THE HELL?! Now only did I gain a tremendous amount of weight, but my skin is now milky white and for whatever reason the transformation came complete with a severely undersized Ukyo Kuonji outfit, Now hear me out! There has to be a way to revert the transformation! Get to work on it!
2º Bioniclepokemonfan16 Asked for a simple Ampharos Pokemonification pic starring himself, mid TF, after being exposed to Ampharos' Mega Stone
3º An Anonymous commissioner asked for a simple Age Regression pic of Mayumi Kisaki from the manga/anime 'The Devil Is a Part-Timer!' (Hataraku Maō-sama!), she works at a MgRonald's (Way better than WcDonald's dare I say), and it's unclear whether she realises or simply does not care about having been regressed :y
4º SlayerEndX13 asked for a post TG+Bimbofication pic, the poor transformed cutie rehearsing how to sound like a guy, will it work? I mean she IS wearing male-esque sport clothes, though not everything is fitting all that well.
5º Added in a lil' tease for the Hexe Maniacation Event which will take place during the next stream, once I get around posting the separated versions of these two canvases I'll explain a bit further how the rules of the event will work. You can see an example of the effects of AGW 1.2 in the other canvas, top left corner.
6º SomariaMoon A-A-A-Asked for a new addition to the Strangers to Sisters set, so it seems like Somaria and I have grown quite closer, probably due to the experience, but well, I mean, uhm, I, well, you know, technically we're not really sisters, so it's fine, r-right? Now lower your voice, someone may hear us.

The Other Canvas

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