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Sketch Batch 15-1 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 15-1


New sketch batch! From sunday and monday night's sketch stream

1º TheUrbanLegend52 Aaah, I've yet again tested another iteration of the AGW, the first one causing Twinning, the second one causing Nerdification, this one has somewhat become cursed, causing "Hex Maniacation", Jon seems quite happy with the result though, and if he... Well, she, intends on spreading I wonder how far we'll get, I guess we'll find out in the next stream event o3o
2º BunnehWyld asked for a pic of Wyld (in her kemonomimi form) and
Dracos123's Dee laying around playing Switches. Simple wholesomeness :y
3º Redmond17 asked for an AR pic of his characters Brittany and Alexandra (Sandy) Reswald, Brittany is, or rather was, the older sister, and certainly the most mature looking one, but eh, things change, and she looks absolutely adorable in that Alolan Vulpix Onesie :heart:
4º Malkaiwot asked for a simple Before/After TG pic of himself, I wonder if it'll actually last one day though, that's not how the transformations I draw tend to go :y
5 v1, v2º Aurrashadefire asked for a Hellhound TF pic of himself (now herself), he initially asked me to draw either a nervous/surprised reaction or an excited one, I couldn't quite decide, so here you have both :V

The Other Canvas

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