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Playtime with Aunt Corrilly by Megan Bryar

Playtime with Aunt Corrilly

Megan Bryar

Aw, will you look at that? Alice and Joan invited their aunt Corrilly over to play with them. I don't think this is quite what she had in mind, though. Who knew the kids would find those old Westerns so inspiring?

Better bring some board games next time!

Art belongs to saltypaw
Her post:

Corrilly belongs to corrilly
Don't worry, dear, I'll help you down after the kids wear themselves out.

Alice and Joan Rabbitfangs belongs to rabbitfangs and myself.
I'm so proud of these girls!

No gryphons were harmed in the making of this picture.

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    no fair help me XD !! ^v^ :-p

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      Hah! Just what you deserve, birdbeak! Get her, girls!!

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        oh shut it you XD !! ^v^

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          Hahahhahahahahaha! joins Alice and Joan in dancing around the helpless gryphon

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            why doesnt this surprise me ........ !! ^v^ lol

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              Just be glad it's Joan with the bow and arrow instead of me. My aim is much better! evil bunny laugh

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                you would shoot your own daughter !! ^v^ :-(

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                  No, just get it close enough to ruffle your feathers. And make you wet yourself, hopefully.more evil bunny laughter

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                    ewwwwwwww !! ^v^ :-(

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                      Yup! You'll be a messy gryphoness if I get my way! Ha ha!