Attack of the Wedding Cake by Megan Bryar

Attack of the Wedding Cake

Megan Bryar

19 March 2015 at 13:50:18 MDT

As the newlyweds posed for pictures behind their lovely wedding cake, Jessamine got a wicked idea, and before thinking about it scooped up a pawful of cake and flung it into Liane's face then started giggling uncontrollably. As if it had been planned, Dani dug into the cake also and soon the three of them were covered in cake, frosting and the jelly filling from between the layers. The wedding party was definitely underway now!

Splat! Poor Liane. I guess you should have asked Jessie a few more questions about the wedding rituals where she comes from. But you know she only did it because she loves you!

Another wonderful gift from my very sweet friend Rabbitfangs and yet another part of Jess's three-way wedding to Liane and Dani. I simply must find out the name of their dress maker!

Art belongs to Shana
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Jessie Rabbitfangs (left) belongs to me.

Liane Rabbitfangs (center) belongs to rabbitfangs
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Dani belongs to daniwolf
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    good shot ...... errrr i mean bad mousy weasyl XD !! ^v^