Kacey Liane Winter by Megan Bryar

Kacey Liane Winter

Megan Bryar

23 May 2018 at 06:50:30 MDT

Introducing the newest member of my swiftly grown bunnyfox army, and the newest member of my family as well. Kacey is the daughter of Tracy Winter and Grace O'Malley and as you can see she clearly takes after her dad in looks and her mom in attitude. The cheeky little darling.

Art belongs to kristein who did an amazing job with this from scratch! You should go watch her!
Her post: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27274251/

Kacey Liane Winter belongs to MeganBryar and GraceTheGoldenFurred
Grace's post: Pending

With a huge thank you to my friend lianer for allowing us the honor of naming our kitten after her.

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    Definitely a good looking character :3

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      Thanks! Needless to say, Grace and I are very proud of her and I think she's going to be a lot of fun.

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    Love that necklace. ;)

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      So do I. I have such a weakness for neck jewelry, be it collars or necklaces or whatever, and the little pendant Kacey's wearing does look really cute on her.

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        It can be such a lovely accessory... I wear so little of it but I do have some necklaces.

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          Sadly, I don't own any necklaces in real life. I had one I was really fond of until my ex-girlfriend broke it and I've just never bought another. Maybe one day. (To be fair, I think it was an accident on her part. I don't wanna sound catty here.)