Her Own Particular Brand of Diplomacy by Megan Bryar

Her Own Particular Brand of Diplomacy

Megan Bryar

21 March 2018 at 17:20:23 MDT

What's the good of getting all dolled up for some formal diplomatic function if you can't have some fun along the way? Ciara has a reputation as the most honest and hard working monarch her kingdom has seen in several generations, but she's still the same fun loving, flirty vixen she was before she took the throne. It would appear that some lovely lady has caught her eye, or maybe she's ditched her counselors and bodyguards to spend the rest of the day with her wife. Either way, I don't think her mind is on politics any longer.

Art belongs to the very talented shushikitty https://www.furaffinity.net/user/shushikitty/
Her post: Pending

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Ciara XIII belongs to me.


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    That scar on her right arm must have been quite the wound, I never noticed how long it was.

    She so lovely. Scars can add so much character. ;)

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      I imagine it was. I debated a lot on her scars, and on even adding them at all, but I do agree that they add a lot of character, and I thought it was time to let her show at least some of the results of her many adventures. She's been pretty lucky, though. Any of them could have been much worse, and she's had Niamh to make her sit down and take her medicine when she needed to, as well. Though I think that, secretly, Niamh admires her scars in a way, too. She's awfully proud of Ciara and how committed she is to trying to keep everyone safe.

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        At least they seem to have healed pretty well, and she doesn't seem to have been too worse off for it. :)