As When the World Was New by Megan Bryar

As When the World Was New

Megan Bryar

19 January 2018 at 16:34:20 MST

The year Ciara turned seven was perhaps the happiest of her entire childhood. There was a lull in the war, and even talk of people, which meant that for the first time since she could remember her parents were both home as often as not. It meant that her father could actually spend time with her, and in the space of one glorious summer they made up for all the time he had missed over the last six years. It's that year she thinks of the most when she thinks of him.

Art belongs to zoey03
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Ciara Lohan and Connor Cearnach belong to me.


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    Definitely love this image. Moments like this are too few and far between, especially for our characters. Always need to keep these memories close at hand.

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      They really are. Especially for Ciara, poor thing. The events of her life have always seemed to conspire to put some considerable distance between her and her parents. But, in a way, that makes moments like this all the more precious. And of course it inspires her to try to do all that and more for her own kids, too.