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Private Performance by Megan Bryar

Private Performance

Megan Bryar


Archangel's Bar is one of the best known bars in Jaspertree, especially among the university set. It is especially popular on weekends when Stephanie Meek, better known to her fans simply as Jett, sets up in one corner and plays her songs. She mostly plays her own stuff, but she has been known to take requests and she knows all of the most popular songs. Plus a wide range of others to suit any taste.

This evening, Archangel's had a special visitor. Cassandra and Stephanie invited the famous journalist and explorer Leandre Snow to join them for the evening. After the bar was closed, and everyone had gone home, Stephanie gave Leandre a private concert all her own, in honor of the lovely leopardesses contributions to journalistic integrity and expanding the world's knowledge of mysterious tombs, priceless artifacts and a whole plethora of other interesting subjects as well.

This is a very lovely and amazingly beautiful gift from the equally amazing and beautiful snowleandre who is the cute snow leopardess seated by the bar. She is a total sweetheart and really does have a lot of very interesting adventures which you can see more of on her own page here. You really should go and check her out! (Just remember to check for traps and keep your hands off her hat!)

Cassandra Cooper, Stephanie Meek and Archangel's Bar all belong to me. With a huge tip of the proverbial hat to 'Le for helping to flesh out the interior of the bar and especially the lovely neon sign. I so want that on a t-shirt.


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    That look on Leandre's face. EEE!!!!!

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      Her expression is my favorite part of the picture by far. She's just so adorable!