Castles in the Sand by Megan Bryar

Castles in the Sand

Megan Bryar

28 June 2017 at 13:13:19 MDT


One day, Emer will rule over her mother's kingdom as a proper queen. For now, she is content to wait, preferably for a good long time yet, and to rule over a kingdom of her own imagining, building castles in the sand. Like her mother before her, she is a benevolent monarch and she rules over her tiny kingdom with generosity and enthusiasm. At least until the tide comes in and the waves wash it all away.

This is a beautiful gift from my dear friend GraceTheGoldenFurred who is positively spoiling me these days.

Art belongs to Clara-Laine
Her post: Pending

Emer Elaine Lohan belongs to both MeganBryar and lianer ( ) and is the daughter of Ciara and Liane


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    So much cute!

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      That's Emer for you. Someone in this mixed up family of mine has to be both innocent and adorable!

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        A rare quality to find both!

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          Especially given that Liane is her sire!