[FA's 100th Watcher Prize Art] Temrin by MeaKitty

[FA's 100th Watcher Prize Art] Temrin


9 September 2013 at 04:43:32 MDT

Temrin is, quite simply, amazing. She's a brilliant artist and a big influence on me and my artwork, both indirectly (by seeing the kind of work she does you'll understand) and directly. She's always given me feedback when I've asked, helped me redline, given me support and encouragement. And the simple fact is that a lot of you probably wouldn't be watching me if it weren't for her.

You saw my ad last month? While it was all my artwork, it was Temrin that put it together and put it up on FA to give me a boost. She went above and beyond anything I ever expected, and I wish I could honestly repay her sufficiently for all she's ever done (even though I know right now she'd refuse anything because she has a gorgeous soul like that <3<3<3)

The raffle for the 100th watcher art was won fair and square, I put all names into the (random.org) "hat" and almost squealed when her name came up. I've been working on this for a month, and while I can still see so many flaws in my work I know that I have tried my best and learnt a lot, in my efforts to make this. And having shown Tem already I know she agrees and absolutely loves it.

I hope you guys do too. I know my art isn't perfect, but I'm getting better with each image I draw, and every watch and fave and like and comment and shout is encouraging me along. So thank you to all you guys too. I hope a lot of you that may have just signed up because of my raffle, are sticking around because you love my art. It really does mean a lot to me.

So thank you Temrin and thank you to all my watchers. You're all just as amazing, keep being just who you are. <3

Much Love


P.S. For those of you that may have missed out, I'll be holding another raffle at somewhere around 200 watchers on FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/meakitty), so please feel free to keep advertising me. I'll let you know when we get closer to the mark.

There's also my usual Kiriban, next one is at 3k I think, and I'll be giving away TWO prizes, because I missed my 2k kiriban. So keep an eye on that.


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    Would love to have this in my collection! If you can send a collection request when you get the chance thatd be super :D

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    Love the coloring on this piece!